Summer Is Here!

What I'm Wearing: 
- Blue spaghetti strap top from Mexx (bought 2 years ago while living in London)
- Blue & white shorts with gold button detailing from Zara (bought about 5 years ago)
- Brown leather gladiator sandals from New Look (bought last summer)
- Gold leaf & blue crystal earrings won from Fashioned By Love's Bella Dawn contest, yay!
- Gold & orange art deco style bangle from a local boutique (bought last summer)
- Phosphor black patent leather Appear watch

I'm wearing it natural with a little bit of Shielo's Volume Bounce Style Creme scrunched in.  I washed it this morning, applied some of this and then blow-dried it upside down.

My skin is going through a major breakout/rough patch lately :(  I know it's probably not noticeable from these pictures but that's because I didn't let the camera get close enough and also keep in mind that I'm wearing makeup.  But over the last few days it's been really awful...I can honestly say that it hasn't looked this way since I was a teenager suffering from acne.  I naturally have quite oily skin on my T-zone, especially my forehead.  Right now it's extremely bumpy and rough in texture with lots of tiny lumps and bumps.  Without makeup it looks slightly red/inflammed.  Ouch! :(  I'm really disappointed as my skin was actually doing very well over the last year or so since I started a consistent skincare routine.  Now I'm thinking I'll have to change it up or else visit a dermatologist to get this sorted out.  What are your thoughts/recommendations?  I know that bumpy skin/acne is synonymous with oily skin types but I thought my teenage acne days were gone!  
Stay Stylish!

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