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Today we went a little crazy in the home decor shopping department, hahaha!  We bought quite a lot of things for our new home but all of them were very necessary...or at least that's what I told Jonathan ;)  We stopped by Heatons this afternoon and the first thing I bought was this pretty pink orchid for my dresser in our bedroom.  It matches perfectly with all my pink accessories, hehe...

I also got another white orchid for the living room mantelpiece, as well as some glass frames for our wedding photos that we're getting printed.  I can't wait to do that!  We don't really have any "official" pictures of us together so these will create the perfect finishing touches to our home.  Other not-so-exciting things we picked up today included a stainless steel rubbish bin, toilet brush (always fun!), car bin and some rubber duckies for the puppies' bath-time!  

Stay Stylish!

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