Go Veg?

What I'm Wearing: 
Cream chunky knit cardigan from Mexx
Black basic top from Vila
Black leggings from Heatons
Black suede boots from ASOS
Champagne scarf from a lovely subscriber of mine! 
Skinny patent leather belt from ASOS
Freshwater pearl earrings from Sorrento, Italy
Gold Scorpio necklace from my dad
Black patent leather watch c/o Phosphor

I know, I know.  I wear these boots almost everyday BUT they're really warm, comfy and go with almost every outfit so I love them!  I miss my flats & pumps though :(  It's just too cold to not wear boots in this miserable weather!  It pretty much poured all day until later this afternoon so we went on a pointless trip to Blackpool Shopping Centre to find a cable my hubby needs for his PS3 (things I don't understand at all, but sadly for him none of the shops we visited had this stupid old cable!).  

It was too wet & rainy to take Albi & Sina for their walk so we took them for a mini playdate with their two bichon friends Misty & Daisy who live across the road from my mom.  My sister and mama cooked us the most amazing vegetarian meal this evening!  Emma made eggplant "meat"balls with a tomato/carrot/onion sauce and my mom made home-grilled-in-the-oven chips (fries) and a lamb's leaf lettuce salad.  It was DELISH!  Even Jonathan agreed, and he loves meat!

I would love to be a "real" vegetarian...I feel like if I applied myself and actually made an effort to cook veggie meals I could do it being that I'm not a big fan of meat anyway and usually only eat chicken or fish.  Whenever I go to a restaurant, 99% of the time I order a vegetarian meal.  I even opted for the vegetarian dish at my own wedding!  Of course the gas/stove issue we are experiencing in this house makes things 100x more difficult (soooooo frustrating) but also if I'm honest I usually fail due to laziness.  I've been vegetarian off & on for the last few years I've lived away from home but what always makes me slip is the fact that Jonathan really only ever liked meat so for convenience sake I always end up cooking meat meals for both of us.  I never saw the point in doing separate meals for two people but now I feel like he would actually like to try new meatless dishes if they were super yummy like today's one!  Especially after his juice detox, Jonathan seems to be embracing new tastes & adding tons more fruits and veggies to his diet - yay! 

Stay Stylish!

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  1. you look gorgeous! i could never go veg...I love meat too much!

    have a great weekend :)


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