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What I'm Wearing: 
Black wool sweater from Gap
1969 Always Skinny jeans from Gap
Charcoal grey calf boots from Dune
Drop earrings c/o JewelMint
Quilted black bag from Moschino

There's definitely nothing better than my mom's home-cooked lasagne!  And that is exactly what I was about to go eat when these pictures were taken.  I don't know where we would be without her amazing cooking!  The sad part of this whole story is that we wouldn't need to rely on her so much if it weren't for this ridiculous gas situation we're going through at the moment!  I cannot believe that we have not had any gas in our home since we moved in two months ago!  It seems the previous tenant had some issues and our gas was locked when we moved in, so we had to go through a ton of cr*p before we could get it unlocked and our gas set up.  Apparently these processes take "around 14 working days" which is actually never the case and a whole lot of unreturned phone-calls and broken promises/appointments etc. later....still nothing.  We have no hot water (except for our electric shower...thank goodness!), we can't cook (our stove isn't electric) and worst of all NO HEATING!! :(  We are both freezing and the worst part is we didn't do anything wrong, we always pay our bills on time and do everything "by the book" yet we're being caught out for somebody else's stupid mistake!  

So today I begged Jonathan to call our gas/electricity supplier because I had gotten nowhere with them and he is a lot tougher than me when dealing with these sort of things...I just end up feeling sorry for the customer service rep and being a total push-over, haha!  Anyway, we were put on hold for thirty-three minutes!!!  Until the girl came back and said that our GPRN number had been put in wrong initially when we had set up the gas last month and that was why nobody had come to our house to take off the lock.  She then said that she would have to start the WHOLE process again and that we need to get some sort of "appointment" and after that it takes a further two weeks or "14 working days" for our gas to be switched on.  AAARGH!!!  That is insane!  It's going to be so much colder by then as the temperature is already dropping and I'm afraid we're going to get sick. :(  I'm also slightly scared for my babies, Albi & Sina especially when they get left in the house alone...for some reason I'm always terrified they're going to freeze to death, lol perhaps a tad excessive but I do worry!  

Anyway, sorry about the stupid rant but I'm sitting in bed right now with freezing hands & feet and a cold nose so it felt appropriate to moan about the whole situation...I hope you don't mind too much! ;)

Stay Stylish!

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