Paranormal Activity

What I'm Wearing:
Cashmere sweater from InWear
Grey wool shorts from GAP
Black opaque tights from Esprit
Black suede boots from ASOS
Quilted gold chain handbag by Love Moschino
Freshwater pearl earrings & bracelet set from Sorrento, Italy
Black patent leather watch c/o Phosphor

Nails: Forever Strong Midnight Blue by Maybelline

See my fringe, billowing in the wind?  It kind of resembles horns (lol) which totally goes with this evening's theme...we are heading out to see Paranormal Activity 3 tonight -- eek!  Probably not the best thing to see/do while drinking nothing but fruit & vegetable juices, hahaha!  I don't know about you guys, but I absolutely LOVE horror movies.  Thank goodness Jonathan is the same way, otherwise I don't know how we would have lasted four years together!  We have seen Paranormal Activity 1 and 2, we preferred the first one and apparently this one is more like that than the second so we are PUMPED!  

An update on the juice detox: I'm not gonna lie, day 2 was hard especially in the evening time.  I was seriously craving a pizza!  I find the daytime is much easier than the evenings, because that's usually when I eat more.  Today has been smooth sailing so far, and thankfully my stupid old pimples have gone down a little bit.  The other thing I liked about this detox is that we went for lots of walks with the doggies...something they enjoyed too, it passes the time and the fresh air feels so much better than going to the gym (although I will start going again after this, but we thought it safer not to during these three days).  

I feel pretty good about myself on day 3 and I could definitely see myself incorporating more smoothies & juices into my diet especially because they're super yummy!  I quite like the idea of strawberry, pineapple and yogurt smoothies for breakfast...mmm.  But I miss proper dinners and I miss my "treats".  So on that note ....*don't kill me*.... I MAY cheat tonight and get a (small) popcorn at the cinema.  I've been soooo good, guys!!!  And plus 9pm is almost midnight which is technically the end of day 3, right?!  LOL.  Go on, tell me.  I'm weak! ;)

Stay Stylish!

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