What I'm Wearing:
Chunky knit cardigan from Vero Moda
Brown skinny leg pants by Cheap Monday from ASOS
Suede tan boots from ASOS
Brown scarf bought in Naples by my aunt
Olive leather Modalu London Kiera satchel c/o Shopalike UK

How amazing is the soft glowy lighting in these pictures?!  Ugh, I love it!  I wish it was like this all the time!  These were taken at about 6pm right before heading off to my mom's house for a yummy meal when the sun was setting and creating a lovely glow!

Somebody actually left a nasty comment on one of our daily vlogs a while back saying that we always go to my mom's house for "free meals" -- trust me, as much as I always admit I hate cooking I would LOVE to be able to cook dinner in my own home but sadly I can't because our stupid gas is STILL not on after two months of living in our new house!  It's really irritating, I've tried to get recipes that use oven only but you always have to end up cooking at least something on the stove :(  So that is why we eat at my mom's house so often, meanie bum hater person!!  Hahaha...

I was also thinking of uploading Outfit of the Day videos on my other channel (which I NEVER update).  I don't want to upload them on my main YouTube channel because I prefer to keep those videos more informative and the outfit ones would just be super quick filmed at the same time as taking these pictures, you know?  Let me know what you guys think of this idea!  

Stay Stylish!

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