Happy Halloween!

I hope you all had/are having a safe & happy Halloween!  We just got home from Dublin today, so things were pretty hectic and rushed but Albi & Sina still managed to get their costumes on!  If you can't already tell Albi is the lady-bird and Sina is the bumble-bee.  They also both had feelers/antennae to go with each of their costumes but that didn't end so well...Sina ended up trying to strangle Albi with his so we just saved them for show, hahaha!

We spent Halloween at my mom's house, where she had set up quite a festive display!  We ate delicious spicy pumpkin soup, roast potatoes & sausages for the meat-eaters.  I'm sorry we didn't take more pictures, but we were exhausted after our journey and the weekend.  My sister Emma baked these amazing Halloween cupcakes, you can see more pictures of them on her baking blog!

At the end of the night, Sina was all tuckered out from the festivities -- how cute does she look fast asleep on the floor in her bee costume, surrounded by a chewed up party horn and her discarded pair of feelers, hahaha!  

Stay Stylish!

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