Scarf/Pieces, Boots/Lacoste, Jeggings/ASOS, Cardigan/ASOS, Tank top/InWear, Bag/ASOS, Cuff/Newbridge Silver, Necklace/Agatha

Here is the outfit from today's video.  To be honest, these are not the best pictures in the world because the lighting isn't that great but I wanted so badly to show you guys our Christmas tree!  I love it!  We got a real tree, like always -- I was debating whether to get a fake or not because I was scared Albi might mark it but he is such a good boy and neither he or Sina have had any "accidents" in the new house since we moved in.  Yay! :)  

These boots are so cool, they are my ice-skater boots which I bought on sale last spring.  They are hands down the most comfortable shoes I own.  Lacoste shoes are amazing!  They are also lined with jersey material so they really cushion your feet and the outside is a kind of "jacket fabric" so they're quite easy to keep clean.  

I also wanted to share with you our 2011 Christmas card!  How cute are Albi & Sina?!  

Stay Stylish!

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