Walk in the Cold

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These are just some of the lovely items I got from LoveClothing this month.  This sweatshirt reminds me that SPRING is right around the corner, yay!  And I have wanted chelsea boots for so long...I remember when they were in style back when I was little and my mom wore them all the time...it's funny how things like that become trendy again years later.  

The shearling jacket is a definite must-have for long walks in the cold.  I have wanted one so badly ever since I saw Wendy from wendyslookbook wearing her black aviator jacket on her blog!

For reference, I got the sweatshirt in the size XS (6/8), the jacket in the size 36/8 and boots in a size 5.  They all fit true-to-size.

I also don't know if any of you guys noticed but I am wearing my jeans with the button opened, ha ha ha! :)  Little pancoga needed some more room in there...

Stay Stylish!  

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