What I Ate Wednesday...A Day Late!

Sorry this is actually a day late, but I wanted to get it up anyway because I had been planning to do one of these for a while and a lot of you requested it!  I have been feeling really sick these past two days (which explains the lack of posts/videos).  It seems that just when I thought things were getting better the morning sickness & nausea came back with a vengeance!  I don't even get it in the mornings, just throughout the day at different times.  But this is an example of what I eat in a typical day!  I try to eat as healthy as possible during my pregnancy, and have switched to eating more frequent, small meals throughout the day to try and help with the nausea.

I start off the day with a glass of water and my HUMONGOUS prenatal vitamin, lol.  It smells like fish but it makes my nails & hair grow like crazy...oh and there's the whole "good for the baby" element to it as well, ha ha ha ;)

Breakfast is almost always the same, porridge/oatmeal with soy milk, blueberries, 1/2 banana and cinnamon.  My favourite meal of the day -- yum! 

This isn't actually the norm, but we were heading to The Body Shop for a pregnancy pampering session yesterday at 11am so on the way we stopped by Marks & Spencers as Jonathan hadn't had breakfast.  I wasn't hungry yet so I just got a cup of peppermint tea.

Again I don't normally eat lunch out during the week but yesterday we happened to be in town so we stopped by Wild Ways and I got the spicy vegetable wrap with bean salad & sweet chili sauce (I never eat the sauce).

At about 4pm I was hungry for a snack so I reached for my current craving, an juicy orange and a granola bar.  This one is from Nature Valley and it's the chewy fruit & nut variety.

For dinner last night, we made bangers & mash!  Jonathan made mashed potato with olive oil and I made veggie sausages and peas, I also added about 2 tbsp of ketchup.  It was delicious!

I had baked red velvet cupcakes the night before and was really looking forward to them but unfortunately I felt so nauseous and sick I couldn't stomach them :(  So I stuck with a lighter snack of an apple and some extra light Philadelphia cheese.

Hopefully this morning/and not-so-morning sickness will go away soon!  I love food and enjoy it but the nausea I get after eating is not fun!  However I think that eating small meals throughout the day so you never get hungry is a great way to help that and keeps me from getting too sick.  I hope this will give you guys some healthy veggie food ideas! :)  P.S. I also drink a lot more water than the one glass shown here, I just drink it all the time throughout the day and didn't take pictures of it!

Stay Stylish!

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