Week 15 Bump Update!

Psst...watch my 15 week pregnancy vlog here! ;) 

How far along? 15 weeks
Total weight gain: About 6lbs, I think (our scale is quite old and a bit temperamental, lol!).
Maternity clothes? Nothing yet but I wanted to tell you guys about something I discovered through Kandee Johnson's sister Tiffany (links to her blog and YouTube channel!).  She is also pregnant and farther along than me but she mentioned a brand of underwear that she loves to wear throughout her pregnancy -- it says the brand name is Marilyn Monroe and they're super stretchy, elastane boy shorts...I actually had some in my drawer since last August so when she talked about them I whipped them out and have been wearing them religiously since!  She is so right, they are much more comfortable than regular undies!  They sort of stretch along with your growing belly and they're seamless too.  I got mine from TK Maxx.
Stretch marks? Still none to report, I am now using Bio-oil daily and I love it!
Sleep: I'm still sleeping well and through the night, though things do get a bit uncomfortable whenever I'm consciously thinking "DON'T LIE ON YOUR BACK!!"  My husband even woke me up the other night to tell me to roll over, ha ha ha :)  My favourite way to sleep has always been on my stomach, which may or may not work now depending on how Pancoga feels about it!
Best moment this week: OMG!!!  Sina might be preggers too!!  We just realised on Friday that she looked a little bigger than normal and her little nips are rather swollen.  How cool would that be, she's just like her mama!  Jonathan has always wanted Albi & Sina to mate, I was more wary of the whole thing...not because I don't want more puppies but more so because I'm terrified of the actual whelping process.  I am utterly clueless as to what I'm supposed to do, and I just don't want Sina to be in any pain or discomfort :(  I guess I will just have to ask the vet, which is exactly where I'm headed in half an hour!
Miss anything? I miss my skin being clear!!!  Okay, I know I never had the most amazing skin in the world pre-pregnancy.  In fact, I would almost always break out during my time of the month.  But nothing like this!  Right now my jaw and cheeks are driving me crazy...and my normally problematic areas like forehead and t-zone seem to be clear, weird!
Movement: Nothing since that one time after the ultrasound...I'm still waiting!
Food cravings: My orange craving is going away...I got a bad bunch of them from the supermarket which didn't taste so good and now I'm not so into them anymore!  It's moved onto apples I think, which again is a rather sweet fruit so who knows what that means!  Also, I've been really into pinning toasted cheese sandwiches lately. (I mean pinning as in on Pinterest by the way...in case you thought I had totally lost it and had begun pinning sandwiches to the walls, lol.)  So perhaps I should just embrace the sandwich craving and eat more of them?  I haven't really indulged in this craving yet but we did look at toastie machines yesterday, ha ha ha!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Still shrimp, yuck!!
Gender: I still think boy!  We have no idea until 18 weeks!  My little sister also thinks boy and my mom even bought a blue baby-grow (don't freak out...girls can wear blue too, ya know ;) so we are definitely all feeling like Pancoga is going to be a boy.  But we would be ecstatic either way, so long as he/she is healthy that's all that matters!
Labor signs: No.
Symptoms: Sore boobs (still need to get new bras), acne around my cheeks and jawline, some dry/flaky patches of skin, headaches...especially when I get up too quickly or bend over, and I have been experiencing fatigue again around the same time everyday (late afternoon).  This is also when the headaches get worse!
Belly button in or out? In!
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy IF I eat every three hours...seriously, my world starts to collapse if I don't.  
Looking forward to: Finding out if Sina is in fact, preggers!!  I will let you guys know! 

Stay Stylish!

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  1. Hi Anna I love ur preg updates, plz provide more. I love th make up n style 2 but even betr learning how ur doin! Hope 2 c more updates either on blog or u n jofus vlog.xxx


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