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Today I spent the morning shopping with my mom and I finally got some maternity pants!  We went to H&M because I had heard that they stock some cute maternity wear that isn't very expensive and I was a little disappointed with the selection...maybe it's to do with the store in my town but they didn't have very much.  Their baby & kids section was good but the maternity items were just...blah.  Also a problem I've been having in many of the shops I've tried is that they don't seem to carry very many small sizes.  I only found two pairs of pants in my size and those were the two that I bought -- which didn't give me much choice at all.  I had wanted to get some jeans but they only carried bigger sizes :( 

So I got some black cotton chino-type pants and the same style in cream/beige.  Not very fun or interesting, I'm afraid!  I did see a bright red pair of maternity skinnies which were in my size too but the leg was far too long.  I'm only 5'4" which is bordering on petite so they would have looked ridiculous on me!  However I'm glad that I bought something because as soon as I got home I tried on the cream pair of pants & I am in heaven...so much more comfortable than the bump bands!  

This is the outfit I wore shopping -- don't mind the random flip-flop, ha ha ha!  Also the lighting is very dark, but we're having what I like to call "bipolar weather" at the moment with bursts of sunshine coupled with hailstones & storm clouds so you never know what you might get :/  I hope you like the look!

And if you know of any good maternity clothing brands (preferably in Ireland/Cork) I would really appreciate your suggestions/advice!  I honestly thought there would be more selection out there and that the world had moved on from the boring & dowdy maternity wear, but maybe I'm just looking in all the wrong places!

Stay Stylish!


  1. new look have just launched a new maternity line xxx

  2. I was going to suggest New Look and I think Top Shop also?? Alternatively you could just go up a size in standard clothes? X


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