How To Look Good During Labour!

Watch my video on How To Look Good during Labour here! :)

I am SO excited to share these super cute products with you guys!  I was contacted by Baby Be Mine Maternity clothing a little over a month ago to do a review on some of their items and when I saw their website I absolutely fell in love with what they had to offer!  

Of course as for any expecting mama, the labour & delivery process is very daunting so what better way to make yourself feel more at ease than to prepare yourself with cute pink accessories!  Ha ha ha :)  I am still nervous about it...but at least now I know I'll be wearing pink polka dots and looking super stylish when I'm getting ready to push!  Yay! 

This is the Molly Delivery adorable pink polka dot delivery gown that's 100% cotton and comes in all different sizes so you don't have to worry about the yucky, frumpy old hospital gowns that are all open at the sides and have random strings hanging  This one actually comes with snap buttons on the back and around the neck/bust area so your modesty doesn't have to go COMPLETELY out the window...ha ha.  I got mine in a size Small-Medium for reference!

You can either get this gownie on its own for $29.99 or as part of a set with this matching pillowcase for $41.99 here.  I'm not really a germaphobe or anything but I know some people are and would really like the idea of using their own pillowcase while they're in the hospital, plus who doesn't like to be matching?! ;)  Again both products are 100% cotton and machine washable too!

How cute is this set?!  This is the Molly Maternity Nursing Nightgown and Matching Baby Romper Set (you can also get it in blue if you're having a boy!).  These are super soft 100% cotton and the baby romper comes in a size 0-3 months.  I got the nightgown in a size Small but it goes up to XL!  The website advises you to always buy your pre-pregnancy size as with any maternity wear!  Oh, and the romper also comes with a little matching hat -- so adorable :)  Now Emilia and I can be super stylish and matching when our visitors come!  He he he...

This set is a little more expensive at $67.98 (find it here!), but for the quality of the products you receive I do think it's worth it.  The website ships internationally and they have very kindly offered a 10% discount code for me to share with all of you, my loyal subscribers & blog followers...yay!  The 10% discount code is: babysaccone (aww ;)  And no, I don't get paid commission or anything, I was not paid for this blog post or for my video, this is my honest opinion as always and yes they were sent for free.  Phew!  

Hope you guys liked this post (I meant to include these items in yesterday's pregnancy vlog but ended up making a separate post because I was sick)!

Stay Stylish!


  1. You look adorable Anna! Congrats on the bundle of joy coming your way xo

  2. Oo I like that hospital gown. Good review.


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