My Week in Pictures #6

I didn't take very many pictures on my phone this week, so I've stolen a few of my hubby's Instagram shots...he he he!  Hopefully he won't mind :)  You can follow Jofus here and me here! :)

Friday - Blowdried my hair!  
You guys are probably like "yeah, so?" but this is a rare occurrence...ha ha!  It just takes so long I usually wash it at night & sleep on it wet!

Saturday - My sister baked double chocolate cookies!
I am not a chocolate-lover but they were very good :)

Saturday - no makeup!
My skin is actually looking okay I took the opportunity to snap a pic without makeup.  It actually turned out to be quite a confidence-booster as you guys were so lovely and left lots of sweet comments, so thank you! <3  Instagram filters are amazing...just sayin' ;) 

Tuesday - my sister's dessert "invention" that she baked...soooo delicious!!  
It was rhubarb, meringue, cream with chocolate biscuit and nuts on top.  Amaze-balls!  Whatever it is, it needs a name and it needs to be recreated soon!  This pregger likes her dessert!!

Tuesday - Getting ready to shoot my gownie video!
I realise I took a lot of pictures of myself this week...I'm not vain I swear!!  Lol :(  Sorry!

Thursday - Lunch at a new place.  We will be returning.  
Jofus got a chicken pesto bap (that's it in front), I got a tuna one!  (Ha ha, could you guess?!)  

Today's video script!  (Coming later this evening on TheStyleDiet!)

Jonathan has been SO amazing with my channel this week...I was really struggling with editing (my laptop is a sack of poo and crashes every 20 seconds when I edit) and my camera was just not working for me at made everything look so cool-toned and just...blah.  So when he covered for me on Monday when I was sick and couldn't film the pregnancy vlog, his video was so well-received and liked by all of you that I thought, I really need to make use of this guy's skills!!.  Jofus is qualified to a very high level in multimedia & production so it's kind of a no-brainer that he should be in charge of that end of my channel.  I guess I just never thought about it, even though it was staring me so plainly in the face!  

So this week Jonathan took over TheStyleDiet's production & filming end...and so far I think (and hope!) that you guys are really happy with it.  The feedback I've gotten has been very positive so we've decided to continue on this way.  The editing, lighting, camera and overall video quality is far superior to what it was before and I honestly do listen to what you guys have to say so I hope you know that your opinions all count and I'm always open to suggestions, comments, tips, requests etc.  After all, this should be a two-way street.  I want to know what YOU want to watch (or in the case of my blog, read!) so feel free to let me know your thoughts, good or bad!

I hope you all have a great weekend and I will see you guys on Monday for the 25 week Bump Update! :)

Stay Stylish!

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