Mother of Pearl Earrings!

Cardigan/Soaked in Luxury, Tank top/InWear, Maternity jeans/Topshop, Flip flops/Saint Tropez, Earrings/La Terza Luna, Bracelet/I can't remember (sorry!)

Although the weather in Ireland this summer has been dire, that didn't stop me from wearing flip flops yesterday - ha ha ha!  Keeping in mind there has been a ton of flooding in Cork and most people were walking around in either wellies or of me, I know ;)  But I refuse to let this crappy weather bring me down!  It definitely makes things more difficult outfit-wise because I felt like when we were in Italy dressing the bump was so much easier...*sigh*  I do only have three real pairs of maternity pants (the fourth pair needs a bump band so it doesn't really count) and with it being too cool to wear dresses/skirts I apologise in advance if my outfits get repetitive over the next few weeks!

My mom brought me back these beautiful mother-of-pearl earrings from Naples and as soon as I opened the box I got the urge to pair them with grey & blue...which led to this outfit being born!  They are from a shop called La Terza Luna Argenti, if that helps those of you who are interested -- I couldn't find a website or anything!

I matched them up with this metal bracelet which is one of my favourites but unfortunately I can't remember where I got it.  I have a feeling this was a gift from my mom as well!

The bump is getting soooo big!  She's really growing in there! ;)  I am so excited to meet her yet apprehensive at the same time of course because I've never been a mom before, well except to Albi & Sina and the puppies...ha ha ha!  I have a few more things I want to buy and get done before Emilia's arrival but all in all I'd say we're pretty ready.  She was measuring right on track at my last OB appointment on Tuesday which means she grew a great deal since 2 weeks ago whenever she was measuring small.  I also discovered that although my iron levels were perfect, my iron store was low so I've been put on an iron supplement in addition to the prenatals I'm already taking.  I was actually happy to hear this because I'd been feeling unnaturally exhausted lately so hopefully this will help!

Stay Stylish!


  1. How sweet of your mother to bring you back such a nice gift! Plus, you are getting more and more beautiful, Anna...motherhood is already treating you well! :)

  2. Someone is co-opting your style.


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