My Week in Pictures #8

Friday - Watching Emilia kick!  
This is my favourite part of pregnancy, feeling her move inside me is the most incredible thing ever!  She's actually kicking right now as I type this, he he he!  This picture was taken right after cleaning when I decided to take a quick cat-nap (these are becoming more & more frequent as I ease into the third trimester...ahhh!).  She's always the most active when I'm at rest!  

Saturday - My amazing lunch at Ballymaloe Cafe!
My mom and I went to Ballymaloe gift shop to buy wedding presents for my cousin Valentina, who is getting married next Saturday.  We had such a yummy lunch and it ended up being a super sunny (but windy) day!  I got the goat's cheese sandwich, was to die-for!  And look how pretty the plate is!

Saturday Evening - Jofus cooking up a storm at our Eurovision BBQ!
Making the most of the wonderful weather, we decided to have a barbeque at my mom's house and watch the Eurovision...Jofus ended up having to actually assemble the barbeque as well as cook, ha ha ha!  But it was really good, he made me BBQ salmon which I had never had before!

Saturday Night - Painting my nails & watching the Eurovision!
Because the song contest is so long we finished up watching it at home in our pj's, he he he :)  I painted my nails a pretty coral by Nails Inc.  It didn't last very long with all of my cleaning that I do everyday (my hands are almost constantly in water...ha ha ha I wash them so often cleaning up after the pups!) but it is the perfect summer colour!  I got it free with InStyle magazine a few years ago -- the colour is simply listed as "Coral".

Monday Night - Bianca sleeping soundly!
She's such a cutie and has one of the biggest personalities!  She even knows her name now and can get up all the stairs, ha ha!  Here she was pooped after a full day of playing :)

Today - Jofus eating his lunch at the Bagel Bar!
He didn't want me to post this picture as eating shots aren't the most flattering but I think he looks good!  The Bagel Bar is probably only healthy option at the food court in Mahon Point (our local "shopping mall" if you will)...they've even revamped their whole look and added calorie counts to the menu, ooh fancy!  I had the tuna bagel and Jofus got a chicken wrap!

That's it for this week's Instagram pictures!  I really need to take more but my phone is so crappy and keeps freezing every 5 seconds so that's why I don't use it very much.  In fact the only thing I use it for is probably Instagram, ha ha ha!  If you have an account too you can follow me here!  

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend - I am so excited that we're off to Sorrento on Monday but our travels actually start on Sunday as we're flying out from Dublin so we're staying at a hotel there that night.  Albi, Sina, Bianca, Nivea, Nuvola and Theo are checking into their very own doggie hotel on Sunday too which I'm sure they are equally excited about! ;)

Stay Stylish!

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