Setting Up the Nursery!

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Yesterday was a pretty exciting day for us because...*drumroll please*...we began our set-up of Emilia's nursery!  Yay! :)  This part is so much fun!  And here's what I wore on this momentous day, ha ha ha!  Even though the weather in Ireland has been crap this summer, yesterday was actually nice and sunny so no bulky jackets, scarves, boots & umbrellas were necessary!  I hadn't realised how well these jeans matched the stripes in the top -- don't you just love it when that happens?!  I also forgot to include my bag in these shots...I carried my beige Chloe.  My nail polish is Ali by Zoya and my makeup is all from the Naked 2 palette!

We had been looking at different cribs, strollers, accessories etc. over the last couple of months...researching them and trying to decide on which styles to go for.  I will admit that it's a little difficult to plan a nursery when we know that it's only going to be for the first 2 months of Emilia's life (our lease is up in December & we are moving into our new house).  So we had to try and think separately from the furniture & set-up in this house knowing that at the end of this year we'll be buying all of our own stuff.  A lot of the "big" furniture items in this house belong to our landlady...for example, the bed, couches & kitchen table/chairs.  At first I was worried about matching Emilia's nursery furniture to the things in our room being that this is where she'll be for the first two months but then I realised that was we ended up matching it all to what we will be purchasing in our new home.  I hope that makes sense!

Here is the crib that we finally decided on!  I absolutely LOVE it :)  We were between this one, which we had spotted a few months ago at the Pregnancy & Baby Fair and fell in love with...and also another cream & brown one which matched the wood on our current bed.  Like I said though, not our bed so...we just had to overlook that.  Plus keeping in mind that Emilia will have her own room when we move too.  But for now, this space suits us fine...we were actually very lucky to have a big master bedroom with plenty of extra room (there is another area for a changing table/dresser if we want).  

The crib comes with two different height settings -- clearly this is the highest one!  The lower one is very low so that will be for when she's older.  It also comes with a bottom drawer which is great for storing all of her clothes for the meantime, and this crib is available in dark brown (coco) or white.  This was our favourite -- I think it's very classic and we love the sleigh bed look!  It also transforms into a big girl's bed for when she's a toddler (up to 3 years) and then if you like, can be used as a couch.  

We also got all of her bedding which doesn't arrive till Thursday, her stroller and carseat!  I really can't wait to set up her nursery area, make her bed and decorate further!  For now I just put her elephant and dolly in there along with the fabric "E" we got from Meadows & Byrne but that will eventually hang over the crib along with another piece of art I need to get framed which will go on the other adjacent wall.  I'm also thinking of a rug and of course the dresser/changing table in the matching furniture set, but that will probably come later.  We have to decide whether it's necessary in this house or not!

Jofus wants to get her a Maltese mobile with four white doggies on it, ha ha ha!  I think that would be really cute actually so if you know where we might find one please do let us know! :)  Hope you like the nursery set-up so far!  

Stay Stylish! 


  1. You are looking fab Anna! Where is the crib from it's beautiful!!!

  2. It's so beautiful Anna!!!! I love it xxx

  3. For the mobile I would suggest Etsy. Lots of sellers will even custom make things for you. I looove that crib!

  4. Absolutely beautiful Anna

  5. Do u already have a house for when the lease is up?!?!?! Ciao

  6. Where is the cot from?

  7. Hey Anna can you tell me what color eyeliner I should wear besides black if I have green eyes???? You should do a video on it <3


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