Sorrento Day 2!

Breakfast in the solarium this morning!  My earrings are from Oasis.

Day at the beach!  My bikini is from Debenhams (last year)

Lunch at the beach!

Maxi dress/Velvet, Belt/ASOS, Clutch/ASOS, Earrings/Bijoux Brigitte, Bracelets/Gift

Jofus' outfit of the evening!

Heading out for dinner!

Another day, another maxi dress!  Ha ha ha :)  Today was super sunny so we decided to spend it on the beach!  We ate a yummy breakfast of fresh fruit, coffee & fette biscotate (my fave!) in our solarium at the hotel before heading out to the beach where we had lunch and stayed till about 4:30pm!  I didn't actually go swimming, but Jofus & Erika did!  I just sunbathed the entire was heavenly!

Everyone is so nice & friendly here, we've already had 3 people ask us when our baby is due and whether it's a boy or a girl :)  I did have one crappy experience while we were at the beach though...the people sitting beside us were quite rude and while I was lying on my deck chair one of the girls said super loudly to her friend "doesn't it cut off the circulation to your baby when you lie on your back like that?"  Um...excuse me??  I was sitting right there and she knew we spoke English too (they were from England).  Some people are so rude, especially when it comes to pregnancy!  They think they know everything -- my mama assured me the way I was sitting was absolutely fine, and she & Jofus threw the girl a few snotty looks afterwards, he he he...

After the beach we went back to our hotel to shower & a little nap before heading back out to dinner with the famiglia!  This time we ate at L'Abate and I gave into my seafood craving that I've been having since we arrived here...which is weird because that was one of the things that was making me feel sick during this whole pregnancy!  I ordered linguine ai frutti di mare (seafood linguine) and it was AMAZING!  Thankfully there was no shrimp, so I was fine :)  And then for dessert we went to the famous ice-cream place, Primavera and I got the most delicious pistachio ice-cream EVER...I could literally live off that stuff!!  I also bought Emilia her first Barbie, ha ha ha!  I couldn't resist -- she's a little girl Barbie walking four puppies...I thought that was quite fitting :)

Stay Stylish!


  1. You look amazing (as always) Anna! I just want to say that I love the vlogs and you style channel! You are a role model to me and you have given me so many tips on beauty and self confidence, especialy with being 13! I hope you have a wonderful time in sorrento! And I hope Emila is having a good snack on that gorgeous food!
    Lot's of love Kate! (sorry for the long comment!)

  2. Good times! You both look great!

  3. Oh, sorry to hear that there were stupid people commenting like that. You look absolutely amazing at the beach, do you use make up or go bare faced? I go bare so can have
    Sun on the face,but I always look very tired and paleish without anything...Ideas? Maybe there is already a video about this,need to search :) happy holidays you two!

  4. Anna you look incredible please tell us where Velvet is for the maxi dresses the last couple days ? Enjoy sorrento guys loving all your blogs x

  5. Hun if your young to look that incredible in a bikini when 7 months pregnant you will without doubt find that other girls will be jealous and envious which equals bitchy comments!! Ignore them take comfort in the fact that toy actually do look that fab!!! :)) xxxx


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