Puppy Love!

My baby girl (finally) got groomed today!  How pretty does she look in her little pink bow?!  And Albi got brushed out with a blue bow put in his hair (he got groomed last week).  Sorry Albi is half cut out of this picture...it's so hard to get a shot of the 6 of them together!  Poor Sina was awfully matted after she gave birth...her hair changed and got all woolly, it was so weird!  And then we weren't allowed to get her groomed till her puppies were all weaned.  Then we got her spayed and she had to wait till she got her stitches out, so this was a long time coming but now she's so happy and beautiful with her new haircut!  She looks like a princess :)

Her bow is upside down...that's after the pups had their way with her, ha ha ha! :)

All tuckered out after a very full day of grooming followed by playing in the garden with lots of new toys they got in the PO box...thank you guys!! 

Albi had to be separated from Sina as for some reason he turned into a complete horndog (literally) after they got back from the groomer's...it was so strange!!  It's like he fell in love with her all over again, maybe it's her perfume?!  Our groomer does use an amazing doggy perfume/aftershave...  Seriously though, has anyone else ever had this issue?!  It's as if she's in heat even though she's not, he is obsessed with her!  Poor Sina!  She's just too pretty for her own good ;)  

I love my pups!  And thanks so much to Paws for Thought for making them look so gorgeous!

Stay Stylish!

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  1. i love reading about your dogs lots of love from a big irish fan :) xx


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