Week 35 Bump Update!

Watch my 35 Week Pregnancy Vlog here! :)

How far along?  35 weeks!

Total weight gain/measurements: 20lbs - which means I lost 3 of the 5lbs gained last week.  I'm pretty sure it just has something to do with water weight -- I do tend to chug a lot of water sometimes at night if I haven't been drinking it during the day so maybe that was why last week's gain was so high!  Measurements are the same!  Waist - 33", Tummy - 39".  It's hard to believe that when I got my wedding dress fitted my waist was 10" smaller...ha ha ha! 

Maternity clothes: Yes!  I bought some things in the Mothercare sale this week and was surprisingly impressed with their selection.  I bought a lovely olive green/khaki tank top dress which really emphasises the bump!  I think this was about €7.99.  I also got a pair of skinnies for €12.99 which are very low-rise but they fit wonderfully.  I got two Mamalicious t-shirts in grey & white as they were buy one get one free and a grey & pink pj set which I will be showing in a later post ;)

Skinny jeans & grey Mamalicious tee
Khaki tank dress & white Mamalicious tee

Stretch marks: None yet.  Still using Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks (I get asked this EVERY week so sorry if it seems like I'm repeating myself!!).

Sleep: Same as last week -- it's been quite good.  I do get a lot hotter than normal so have started wearing lighter summer pj's but I do find it comfortable to sleep with Brenda the dreamgenii pillow! ;)

Best moment this week: Packing my hospital bag was a lot of fun, or at least the baby side of it ;)  And shopping for Emilia!  Neither of us can get enough of it!  I found this adorable striped tutu/onesie and 3 cupcake babygros in Next.  I'm actually very impressed with Next's kids' clothes.  I wanted to buy everything!

Next pink & grey tutu €27 

Next cupcake babygros (set of 3) €21

Miss anything? Being able to bend over/paint my toes is getting increasingly difficult every week!  Aside from that I do kind of miss being able to go an hour without peeing.  Ha ha ha! 

Movement: TONS!

Food cravings: Nope.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Not really, but have stopped drinking coffee with my breakfast.

Gender:  Girl!

Labour signs: Not yet!

Symptoms: Lightening crotch!!  The most insane symptom so far...feels like Emilia is punching my bladder and/or trying to come out at the same time!  It's bizarre as it can hit at any moment and causes me to double over or cry out in discomfort.  It's not painful, just uncomfortable.  My GP confirmed at my appointment this week that this is all normal and just means her head is now engaged.  Eek!  Also back-ache has been a little bit annoying especially when I'm sitting for long periods of time, but nothing too severe.  Funnily enough my heartburn has slowed down a bit due to her having dropped.  And like I mentioned above, I can barely bend over/paint my toe-nails anymore...I also get super out of breath while mounting the stairs or getting up!  I sound like an old lady, ha ha ha!

Belly button in or out? My bellybutton is so weird!!  Sometimes it's in, sometimes it's kind of out.  It depends on the time of day/how I'm sitting!

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy!

Looking forward to: Our antenatal classes actually start NEXT Monday as we never booked them last week...so that should be fun! 

Albi is waiting for Emilia ;)

Stay Stylish!


  1. maya from czechoslovakia30 July 2012 at 17:27

    anna, love your sweet posts, good idea to share your activities and thoughts with many people here!i like your blog especially for the place you live... could you please do the post about suburb, or places near you? or places you like the most? or rather take some photos of it? please, i would be really excited!:)of course it's up to you ... have a good time as you can do, thing of you in the soonest weeks! blessed parents**.
    many greetings from czechoslovakia!!:)

  2. Do you remember where you got your pants at in these photos?

  3. Do you remember where you got your pants at in these photos?


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