Back to School Giveaway!

Well if this picture doesn't frighten you away, I don't know what will...ha ha ha! ;)

I do actually happen to be super excited today because I am giving away a really cool (in my opinion anyway!) gift to one of you lucky lovelies which just happens to be the PERFECT back to school/autumn accessory!  Noooo it's not a laptop...but it is a laptop case!  This particular case is hand-crafted and made from recycled materials.  It also comes all the way from Brooklyn NY!  It's called a caseable, comes in tons of different designs and colours, plus you can even design your own if you're feeling creative!  Clearly I went with a very subtle and understated design...ha ha ha! ;)

My caseable is the 15-17" laptop case in a leopard print design with a hot pink zipper and stitching.  I think it's so much fun!!  I cannot wait to use this next time I travel, and I do intend to take it with me to the hospital :)  I have a pink Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop and this fits very snug all the way round with just a little room at the top.  I really like the spongy material of the caseable and the zipper is very good quality.  The inside of the case is plain black.

If you want to enter this giveaway but you don't have a laptop, don't worry!  Caseable also make these for all kinds of electronics like iPads, e-readers, Kindles, iPhones and much more.  They are based in NY but they do ship internationally (yay!) and the shipping is very reasonable.  Another cool thing about these caseables is that they are actually super affordable!  I was so particular case was €49.90 and shipping to Ireland was €9.90 which put the grand total at €59.80 which is pretty good considering this laptop case will last me a long time!  

I almost wish I was going back to school just so I could use this caseable...ha ha ha!  Imagine how cute it would look in your backpack!  So, if you'd like to be in with a chance to win here are the rules of the giveaway: 

UPDATE: Caseable has kindly offered a 25% discount code available to you guys from now till Sept. 13th 2012!  Enter code "thestylediet" and receive 25% off your order! :)

- Must be a follower/member of AnnaSaccone (hit the "join this site" button on the left-hand column of this blog) All you need is a Google account! 
- Like caseable on Facebook
- Leave a comment on this post telling me which design you'd pick if you won (or describe how you would design your caseable if you want to do that!) Don't forget to go to to check out all the different designs!
- Share this post either on your Facebook or Twitter

And that's it!  Super easy and quick...I wish you all the best of luck!  Check out my giveaway video where you can enter there too if you'd like to be in with a better chance of winning.  Both blog & video comments will be counted as entries.  Only one entry per person.  Giveaway is international and open to all ages.  The winner will be announced next week.  

Yes, I am going back to school at 39 weeks pregnant...ha ha ha ;)

Stay Stylish!


  1. Hi Anna! I've been watching you and Jonathan's daily vlogs, the style diet and also reading your blog for a while now and I love it! You really inspired me to start up my own blog and log things going on in my life! I love the case you have picked its so bright and girly and if I could design my own I'd have pictures of me and my boyfriend who I love ever so much! I'm affaid I don't have twitter to share it but I hope I still am in with a chance to win it! Thanks for being so entertaining and inspiring!! Oh and the pups are so so cute!xx

  2. I think the case you chose is perfect. I like the color combination between pink, black and brown. I'll definitely be sharing this video on facebook ( no twitter account ). Keep the videos coming. They are so inspiring and make my day better :D

  3. I love ur pregnancy updates ! Ur a very refreshing person :)

  4. I love your videos Anna! Your living such a wonderful life and I am so happy for you! I wish I can get to live my life the way your living it one day! Just full of happiness and love! No shedding tears or getting mistreated! I love you and Jofus! And by the way, I can sort of relate to you in the aspect that my life is being ran by others and my happiness hasn't bloomed just quite right :(! But I know your happy now! Hopefully, I'll someday be happy as well!


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