Last Pregnancy OOTD?!

Maternity dress/Benetton, Leggings/GAP, Ballet flats/LoveClothing, Bag/Love Moschino

Watch my Last Pregnancy OOTD video here! :)

Could this be my last OOTD with a bump?!  Eek!  They say today is a blue moon so maybe I will go into labour...ha ha ha!  But for now we are still waiting patiently on little Emilia's arrival.  Unfortunately she didn't make it out on time to say goodbye to her aunt :(  My sister is leaving for Germany today!  So she won't get to see her till after she's born which kind of sucks but I told her she could watch it all online the next day...ha ha ha ;)  

Anyway, this is the dress I promised you guys I'd show -- the one my mom got me from Benetton and probably the last maternity item I'll get till the next time around!  I feel a bit stupid buying clothes with only a few days to go...even if it does mean I'm repeating outfits over and over again!  I also made a very open-ended hair appointment for next week probably not smart given the dates but what's a girl to do?!  I badly need my roots touched up & ends trimmed so I took the doctor does say there's a 60% chance in his opinion she'll be late so we'll see!  If I don't go into labour before the 13th, that's most likely the day I'll be induced so in the meantime I might book a few more pampering sessions before baby comes ;)  I'm thinking a mani-pedi might be a nice treat!  

But then again you never know...these things might never even happen because she might come before then!!  Oh, it's so exciting not knowing!!  Usually I'm such a planner but I actually love the unexpectedness of it all...ha ha ha :)

Hope you all have a great weekend! 

Stay Stylish!


  1. You look amazing, I'm pretty sure by this stage I would be unable to move from bed and pajamas!!! So exciting!! I'm in Australia so I check fb, twitter and Instagram each morning to see if anything has happened while I've been asleep haha. You should definitely try to fit in as many pampering things before your little one arrives as soon there will be no time for it!! Take care x

  2. one of these images is being used- probably without your consent- by a user on , where they are falsely claiming the image shows them and not you


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