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Watch my Most Worn Summer Things Tag here! :)

I was tagged by the lovely BeautyCrush aka Sammi to do the Most Worn Summer Things tag!  I actually have really enjoyed watching other people's versions of this video as now I have a long shopping list of products I need to buy or try out!  Here are my most worn things for this summer...keep in mind that our Irish summer was totally crap, ha ha ha!  So some of these may not seem very summery.

Most Worn Nail Polish - Zoya "Barbie"
I did change my nail colour quite a big over the last three months but I would have to say that this is the one I reached for the most, particularly in the beginning of summer.  It's such a pretty barbie pink, I don't know what I'd do without it!

Most Worn Scent - White Musk Sun Glow by The Body Shop
I am not a White Musk fan by any means, so when I was sent this fragrance in a press pack this spring I did not think I would like it!  To my surprise it's actually very nice and I ended up taking it with me on holiday as well as wearing it almost everyday since.  It's a very beachy, warm, summery scent.  

Most Worn Hair Product - GKHair Leave-In Conditioning Cream
I didn't do a whole lot with my hair this summer as you guys probably noticed...I have a LOT of hair and taking a curling iron or a straightener to it when pregnant and feeling like I'm housing a mini oven just didn't seem like a lot of fun like, at all.  Ha ha ha!  However even when I didn't use heat on my hair I did consistently use one extra product aside from the usual shampoo & conditioner and that was this leave-in conditioner!  It makes my hair feel very soft & nourished as well as shiny and healthy looking!

Most Worn Bag - Modalu London Keira Satchel 
This was by no means a new purchase...I got it last summer and it ended up being my most worn bag that year too.  It's just the perfect summer bag in terms of colour, quality and style.  You can wear it so easily over your shoulder or across the body and I always take this with me on holiday!  It fits a lot of stuff, doesn't get too heavy and suits most of my outfits!

Most Worn Shoes - LoveClothing Qube Black Ballet Flats
*Sigh*...not very summery I'm afraid but when it's raining almost everyday cute sandals or flip-flops just don't work out.  You might be thinking "ballet flats don't work either..." but I point blank REFUSED to wear socks this summer being that I wear them the other 3/4 of the year so these were my best option!  I really did wear them a lot though, they are so comfortable and still look cute.  I also love the big fabric bows!

Most Worn Accessory - Gold Scorpio Necklace
I would class this as a year-round "most worn thing" but hey, I really did wear it a lot this summer!  Almost every day in fact!  I get soooo many questions about this necklace...unfortunately I can't tell you guys where it's from because it belonged to my dad before me and I inherited it from him.  He was a Scorpio too -- I was actually born the day before his birthday...I was his birthday present ;)  My mom was going to be induced on his birthday but I arrived one day early!

Most Worn Clothing Item - Topshop "Leigh" Maternity Jeans
I don't have a picture of these right now, but you guys have seen them in plenty of OOTD posts.  They are kind of a boring item but I did get a lot of use out of them and they are very versatile & easy to wear!  I especially liked the lighter denim...I'm usually more of a dark denim kind of girl but this was a refreshing change for summer!

Most Worn Foundation - Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream
I actually didn't wear foundation this entire summer!  Yay! :)  Instead I wore a much lighter coverage BB cream and it worked out great...I really hate feeling caked in makeup during the "warmer" months so this was perfect for me.

Most Worn Blush/Bronzer - P2 SunLove Sunny Moments Blush in Summer Flirt
Unfortunately this is only available in Germany (as far as I know!) and is limited edition :(  But it is by far my favourite blush especially for summer as it gives a wonderful golden/peachy glow to the cheeks.  I love it!

Most Worn Lip Product - Revlon Lip Butter(s) in Sugar Frosting & Creme Brulee
I'm totally cheating with this one as I've picked two but I just couldn't choose.  I used up Sugar Frosting in the beginning of summer and just recently picked up another shade, Creme Brulee (worn above) to take me into autumn.  I really recommend the lip butters, they are super moisturising and soft on the lips plus you don't need a gloss on top!

Most Worn Mascara - Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara in Black
This has sadly come to the end of its life now as I've finished using it but I was really impressed with how good it was!  I didn't expect much as I am a big fan of CoverGirl Lashblast and other more volumising mascaras however this one didn't disappoint and really does what it claims to do -- it gives a lot of length!  Not my favourite mascara but one I did use religiously all summer long.

Most Worn Eyeshadow - Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette
Again, cheated with this one but I couldn't just pick one!  Also this was one of my favourite makeup purchases this summer and one that I definitely recommend as I've used it almost everyday.  My top eyeshadows from this palette are Bootycall, Verve, Tease and Half-Baked.

And those were my most worn summer things!  I tag all of you to do this, whether you make a blog post or a video...feel free to leave your links in the comments below!  And tell me if you found any great new makeup or beauty products this summer -- I would love to hear from you! :)

Stay Stylish!

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