My Week in Pictures #12!

Painted my nails with Essie Fiji this week -- I absolutely LOVE this colour!  It's become my new favourite!

My mom wanted to show me this article in the Irish Times...eww!!!!  I will NOT be doing this!  I can kind of understand people putting them into pills or tablets that you can take but this is too far for me!

Jofus took me to the Cupcake Cottage on Friday!  I was so excited but unfortunately it was  closed ;(  Boo hoo!  But they're opening again on the 7th so maybe next week I'll get my cupcake fix!

I got sent some Stylfiles to review...looking forward to trying them out for the first time tonight! 

Tonight's dinner! Sweet & sour prawns with brown rice :)  Delicious!  Believe it or not this was my first time ever buying or cooking prawns.  Jofus always thought he didn't like them until he actually gave them a try recently and now that he's realised that he does I am so happy!!

Hope you all had a great week and if you're in Ireland, having a relaxing Bank Holiday weekend!  I can't believe I'm 9 months pregnant tomorrow...eek!!  

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Stay Stylish!

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