Week 38 Bump Update!

Watch my 38 Week Pregnancy Vlog here! :)

How far along?  38 weeks 1 day!  Sorry this is a day late, but we were super busy yesterday and got held up at the phone shop for almost the entire day (no joke) so my filming/editing routine was shot!

Total weight gain/measurements: 26lbs! Gained 2lbs this week!  Measurements are almost the same, Waist - 31 1/2", (up 1/2 an inch!) Tummy - 40" (stayed the same).   

Maternity clothes: My mom did actually just buy me a maternity top from Benetton today...she brought it over this afternoon so I didn't get time to snap a pic but I'm sure I will be wearing it soon! (I'm running out of things to wear!!) My belly is so huge now, it's impossible to wear my regular tops anymore without looking like a hillbilly...lol!  I also picked up the Bamboo Belly Bandit from JellyBean to use postpartum and I am so excited about it!  

Stretch marks: Okay, so in my pregnancy vlog I had declared the usual "still no stretch marks yet...I'm still using Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion..." blah blah blah, same as I say every week, right?  Well turns out I hadn't really "studied" my belly in a few days because right before we went into my room to take the bump shots I looked into the mirror and what did I see?!  TWO stretch marks right beside my belly button!  :( 

Gross ;( 

Don't mind the freaky, weird half in/half out bellybutton!  At first I thought they were veins and although my veins have become very dark around that area, they are definitely stretch marks.  But anyway here's the hilarious part of this whole story...this is actually my face right after I discovered the stretch marks.  Jofus managed to get it on camera: 

Ha ha ha!!  I look pretty upset...to be honest I'm not that bothered by them.  I thought I would be a lot worse but I don't really mind :)  It's all for a good cause!

Sleep: A little uncomfortable, but on the whole it's good.

Best moment this week: Probably buying Emilia's changing table...it's like the final piece of the puzzle, now I feel like we're ready!  (This is the one we got, if any of you were interested.  It's the matching set for her crib :)

Miss anything? Not really.

Movement: She moves like crazy!  We even caught some of it on the vlog yesterday!  

Food cravings: The only thing that springs to mind is still fig rolls!!  They are delicious :) 

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope.

Gender:  Girl!

Labour signs: Yes!  This week was when the Braxton Hicks contractions started in a major way!  I don't get them every single day...about every second day and as much as they're uncomfortable, they aren't painful and just basically feel like my tummy's about to burst with pressure.  (Okay that doesn't sound very nice, but I promise it's not that bad!)  They always seem to stop or go away when I get up or move around.  This is also how I know it's false labour!  

Symptoms: Braxton Hicks, like I said above!  Also lightening crotch...ughhh that's the worst because it hits when I least expect it, ha ha ha!  I'll just be going about my day and then suddenly cry out as she hits a nerve or bounces her head on my bladder...lol!  Jofus definitely thinks I've dropped this week but we won't know for sure till our next OB appointment next Tuesday.  I'm still getting heartburn although it's not as bad as it was before (possibly a symptom of her dropping??). I feel a lot heavier and get super tired from standing in one spot for a long period of time...also I get breathless a lot for no reason and have to sit down.  

Belly button in or out? As you can see in the picture above, it's still a very weird little in-between belly button!!

Wedding rings on or off? On.  

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy!

Looking forward to: Meeting Emilia! :)

Stay Stylish!


  1. So excited to be sharing this journey with you Anna! Thanks for sharing. X

  2. I didn't have a single stretch mark during my pregnancy but as soon as I had my baby boy n started loosing weight then they came with a bang! Thought I'd gotten away with it when there was no sign of them during my pregnancy, that palmers cream is great tho!

  3. You still look fantastic Anna. You can hardly see the marks.

  4. I'm 19 years old and never been pregnant, but I got "alot" of strech marks on my belly, boobs and tighs due to weight gain and loss, I don't think 2 small ones one your belly is much to coplain about! Your belly is so cute !

  5. Stretch marks aren't gross. Be positive for other moms sake and your own. They are not a big deal !

  6. Hi Anna, thank you for sharing! You have inspired me to share also even though my daughter is almost 2 now! I still have the marks but I love them x

  7. I know how you feel (your face in that photo tells a thousand words) I felt exactly the same this week when I thought I'd found my first pregnancy stretch mark on my hip! I cried! Haha. Turns out it was actually a vein lol but I have a few small ones from puberty so I'm sure they will come! :(

  8. Anna, after you have Emilia you can use the trilastin stretch mark cream. It works wonders. You can even use the materternity one still. My mother used It and in all of her six pregnancies no stretchies :)


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