August Favourites & New Hair!

Watch my August Favourites 2012 video here! :)

This month I actually bought quite a few new products!  I don't usually buy a lot of make-up...if you're a regular reader of this blog you'll already know that I tend to find something I like and then stick with it.  But this month was an exception!  I found myself gearing up for two things: 1) the autumn/winter season and 2) the labour and delivery...ha ha ha!  I know some people will think it's crazy to even think about wearing make-up when you're giving birth...honestly I wouldn't have it any other way.  I don't feel like myself without make-up and it's like a security blanket or comfort to me, so that's how I'm going to do it ;)  

Here are my first three make-up favourites of the month: 

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
I picked this up in the shade Shell Beige.  So far I absolutely love it!  This is not my first time using Double fact I used to sell the stuff as I worked at an Estee Lauder counter when I was 19 ;)  It really does stay on all day and doesn't budge.  It's very full-coverage which I like better for the colder months.

Vichy Dermablend in Nude
I received a sample of this in a recent Glossybox and raved about covers every blemish, dark circle and acne scar -- it's amazing!  This is marketed as a stick foundation but I use it as a concealer.  

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Transparent
Not anything exciting but I repurchased this to set my make-up with.  It's super cheap and does a great job...I highly recommend it!  

MaxFactor False Lash Effect Fusion Mascara
I am a huge CoverGirl Lashblast fan but unfortunately you can't buy it in Ireland :(  So a couple of people told me that MaxFactor's False Lash Effect is the very same thing, just with a different name.  I decided to try it out.  So far I really love it, it volumises my lashes & lengthens at the same time.  My only problem is that I got it in Brown/Black instead of Black/Black.  Stupid mistake, but I'll know to check next time! 

Essie Fiji Nail Polish
I wore this to death last month!  I also got so many lovely compliments on is such a pretty colour on short nails.  It's that super opaque palest pink that's almost a white.  Love!

Revlon Lip Butter in Creme Brulee
Oh how I love these lip butters!  They are so soft & creamy...they just melt on your lips and make them feel so moisturised!  This shade is very nude, almost to the point where your lips are erased...ha ha ha!  I know that this isn't to everybody's taste but you guys know how I love a nude lip! ;)

Revlon Lipgloss in Bellini
This is such a beautiful nude gloss -- I love it on its own or paired on top of other nude lipsticks.  It seems to me to be a lot like NARS Turkish Delight although I've never owned or purchased this so I'm just guessing.  

Blend-A-Med 3D White Toothpaste
It might seem weird to include a toothpaste in my favourites post but this is really worth raving about!!  It was kindly sent to me by a Polish viewer Ewa who told me how great it first I was sceptical because believe me, I have tried many "whitening" toothpastes that don't live up to expectations but this blew me away!  My teeth have never been whiter!  This stuff really if you live in Poland definitely pick up a tube and try it out!  I am going to try and source it from Polish shops in my town...if not I'm sure you can get it on Amazon/Ebay.

Nivea Oil-Free Moisturising Day Cream
This is a new moisturiser Nivea have just come out with to replace their moisturising fluid which has been discontinued.  I was intrigued by the green packaging (makes a change from the usual blue!) and seeing as oily/combination is my skin type I wanted to try it out! I can definitely say that this is a very refreshing and light-weight moisturiser and I love how it feels on my skin!  However it has a very strong perfumed scent, so if you don't like that it may not be for you!

Dermalogica Age Smart Renewal Lip Complex
This was just a tiny sample from a very old Glossybox that I never got a chance to use!  I've been applying it every night before bed and love the way it makes my lips feel -- very soft and rejuvenated!  It also has a slightly medical smell to it which I like ;)

Vanilla Berry Sorbet Hand Sanitiser 
This was kindly sent to me by an American subscriber after I mentioned in a video how lucky everyone in the States was that they can get Bath & Body Works hand sanitisers in all kinds of fun scents!  Soooo sweet :)  I appreciate it so much, the scents are so boring here in Ireland!  This one is my favourite as I'm a sucker for anything vanilla!

Ojon Damage Repair Instant Restorative Hair Serum
I didn't think much of this when I first received it in my Harrods Glossybox but this month I decided to give it another go.  Because my  hair is so thick and dry I tend to use about 8 drops rather than the recommended 4 and it works much better!  Leaves my hair feeling soft & looking shinier without a greasy/oily residue.

Soap & Glory Flake Away Exfoliator
OMG...this stuff is amazing!!!  I never knew an exfoliator could work so well without drying out your skin!  This one smells like peaches and has shea butter in it so it doesn't leave you feeling like sandpaper.  It is also the most effective way to scrub off tan/exfoliate before a fresh application.  My self-tanner goes on so smooth after using this.

I also got my hair done today!!  I got a half head of highlights with some caramel/warm brown lowlights for autumn put in too...I am so happy with how it turned out!  I also got quite a bit cut off with a lot more layers.

Sorry I look so tired in these was a long day!  Let me know what you think! ;)

Stay Stylish!


  1. Your hair looks really nice! :-) im so excited fot Emelia!

  2. Your hair looks amazing :-). I might check the double wear foundation out, I'm struggling to find one that hasn't slipped off my face by 12pm!! Is this the make up you are going to wear during labour!
    P.s - love the vlogs they are like a home from home to me now

    1. Yes, I really do like your new hair style a lot Anna. The highlights + lowlights look so natural and your hair stylist did a very nice job with blending the colors. The style looks fantastic as well, I like the layering and I know how difficult it can be cutting long hair to begin with. She/he did an amazing job on both! With your new make up & new hairstyle, you're definitely ready to be one VERY PRETTY new mommy!

  3. Max Factor and Covergirl are basically the same company just different brand names. They are both part of the Procter and Gamble Co. and have many of the same products under differents names and different packaging

  4. I like very much your hair Anna!!! They're gorgeous!!! :)

  5. Blend a med 3D white is exactly the same stuff as Oral B 3D white. Same company same toothpaste. You can get Oral B 3D white in boots.

  6. Where can I get the Soap & Glory Flake Away Exfoliator at?


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