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I pinky swear, this is my very last maternity OOTD...ha ha ha!  I know I said that last week but I am now 4 days overdue and we got an induction date for next Tuesday so that's a promise I can definitely keep! ;)  I can honestly say that I'm more than ready to meet Emilia now and although it's been a fun and very enjoyable pregnancy I'm looking forward to getting reacquainted with my pre-prego outfits...oh how I've missed them!!  I can't remember the last time I said hello to my beloved GAP 1969 skinnies... *sigh*

This is just a simple outfit I wore to the hospital where I had a non-stress test to monitor the baby's heartbeat, movement, my blood pressure & also any contractions ( such luck I'm afraid!!).  I actually had originally wanted to wear different pants but spilled foundation down one leg of them while rushing at putting on make-up this morning...oops!!  I quite like the way these jeans worked out though, the blue & brown seem to work together!  The necklace was a gift from my dad that he bought me when I was 16 and the pearl earrings/bracelet set were a gift from my mom for my wedding day :)

While at the hospital I also had my last ultrasound to check the amount of amniotic fluid, baby's growth, etc. and everything was fine -- she is just too comfortable in there!  I hope that's an indication of our future mommy/daughter relationship...the way things are going hopefully we'll be besties joined at the hip, ha ha ha!  People always say "daddy's girl / mommy's boy" and while I do think that can certainly be true (for me too!) I still always considered my mom to be my best friend and I really hope that things will be the same between Emilia & me :)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  I will try to post as often as I can in the upcoming days - but you can always check out my Twitter/Facebook/Instagram for more regular updates!

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