Emilia's Nursery Update

I'm back!!  With a home decor post :)  Sorry it's been so long since my last blogpost but moving house with a newborn proved more difficult than I had imagined...and to top it off not having internet at our new house for the last few weeks made it pretty much impossible to blog.  

Thankfully my very thoughtful hubby got me an iPad complete with a keyboard making it a lot easier for me to blog "on the go".  Today is my first time using it as we finally got internet installed at the new place...woo hoo!  So you can expect some regular posts from me from now on.  Hope you all didn't mind too much!

I thought I'd start off with a home decor post - as most of you guys know if you watch the daily vlogs, now that we've moved to a bigger house Emilia finally has a nursery!  On Tuesday I got round to organising it and getting rid of the last few boxes.  It's by no means decorated but I thought I'd share with you my progress thus far!  I'm so excited to pick up some decorative pieces for her nursery!  I have a long list of things to buy :)

Emilia's crib -- originally this was at the window but something about it didn't feel right to me when I walked into the room.  So I moved it to this wall and it instantly made the room seem so much bigger!  This room is the smallest in the house anyway, but it's the closest to our bedroom and perfect for her nursery.  When she's older she can have the second biggest bedroom but for now, this works great :)

We hung her fabric E on her door...bought from Meadows & Byrne!

Her windowsill for now -- where I put her wooden letters, dog-walking baby Barbie & a framed photo of Jonathan and me when I was pregnant in Sorrento.

The nursing glider...why we didn't buy this in a darker wood I have no idea.  This is probably my biggest regret!  :(  I don't know what I was thinking...it doesn't match with her crib at all!  I think I'm going to get a dark brown throw to put over it.  Gah!  Love the cushion though...it was a handmade gift from a viewer :)  Also her toys are waiting patiently for a toy chest, ha ha ha!

The nursery has a built in closet -- here's where I put all of her clothes that are fitting her right now.  I plan to buy baskets for each compartment/shelf.  

And this is the hanging side of the closet.  I am storing all of her clothes that don't fit her in these clear plastic bins from Home Store & More.  Labels courtesy of my Brother label-maker!  I still need to buy baby hangers -- Tesco were out of the girl ones last time I checked!  She has so many clothes for a 2 month old, ha ha!

And here's what I'm currently storing in the drawer under her crib!  Lots of toiletries/cotton pads, Q-tips, teething toys, hairbrushes/combs, swaddling cloths and Water Wipes (our favourites)!  

Obviously this room is a work in progress but I thought I'd share what it's like so far!  On my list of things to get are:

- Toy chest
- Baskets for closet
- Baby hangers
- Wall art for above crib
- Wall art for back wall
- Lamp/night light
- Throw for chair
- Curtain clamps

I may also paint the closet to match the crib...but am trying to decide if it's worth the hassle!  Hope you guys enjoyed this post!  And yay for being back in the blogging game!  Thanks for your patience ;)

Stay Stylish!


  1. It's great to see you back Anna! I watch the daily vlogs but I've really missed seeing you on my dashboard. :) Emelia's nursery looks adorable! xx

  2. Cant wait to get started on my nursery! Love it anna!


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