What I Ate Wednesday!

Well hello there What I Ate Wednesday, it's been a while!

I got a lot of requests from you guys to do more of these so here's what I ate today.

Alpen Fruit & Nut Porridge -- this stuff is the bomb dot com!!  I love that there are raisins in it and the nuts make it so much heartier.  Topped it off with 1/2 a banana and some ground cinnamon.  Made with soy milk.  I also had a cup of Pumpkin Spice Rooibos tea from Trader Joe's...so festive! 

Lunch was courtesy of Costa Coffee.  They were out of my usual (the chicken fajita wrap) so I got the chicken salad sandwich & a black coffee!

Yup, I do realise how unappetising that looks...ha ha ha!  What can I say...I'm no food photographer that's for sure!  Jonathan cooked us up some turkey fajitas with green peppers.  I had two of these babies.

What day of mine would be complete without a little something sweet!  For dessert I had a blueberry muffin (these will forever remind me of the hospital -- Jonathan used to buy them for me during my stay after having Emilia!).  I also had another cup of tea...this time it's Twinings Apple, Cinnamon & Raisin.  

That's pretty much it - apart from drinking about 2 litres of water throughout the day!  Oh and for exercise I walked my 6 doggies.  Trust me, that's a pretty hardcore workout!  I walk them two at a time and it takes a little over an hour.  Hope you guys enjoyed...feel free to link your What I Ate Wednesdays down below!

Stay Stylish!


  1. Arent you a vegetarian?

  2. You ate two animals today :(

  3. Would love to see more of Emilias milestones in your mommy vids Anna. And some of the time you spend playing with her. That would be so cute. She is small but they absorb everything during the early years. Colorful toys, soothing music, letting her watch your expressions would be lovely to watch and super stimulating for her. Also what parenting apps do you use and enjoy? Which have taught you the most? You are so lucky to have such a healthy, sweet baby.

  4. vegetarian my ass. You're such a liar

    1. Mentally retarded comment. She started eating meat a long, long time ago and she announced it too!
      Either get up to date or go make pointless, irrelevant comments elsewhere.

    2. Is this how you reply to comments, Anna? Through "anonymous"? You're so transparent, a ridiculous excuse for a female and a rubbish mom

  5. I really like the app Parenting Ages and stages. There are tons of good ones for early development and such that are free. Being a mom was kind of overwhelming and scary at first. Exciting too! But I didn't know anything about babies and it was like going to school again as I really had to learn a lot. Plus it's hard to put tour baby first when your not used to having a child. I let my studying parenting books and apps and my love of my little girl make me a better person. Anyway I would love to know what kind of parenting stuff you find helpful!

    How can you follow her blog and youtube videos and not know this?
    She does not claim to be a vegetarian since she started eating meat.
    Are you all slow in the head? If so, seek medical advice immediately because the amount of dipshit that you are, really needs to be medicated!

  7. Love what I ate Wednesday so much keep doing them

  8. So you used to care about animals but not anymore?

  9. Eating meat doesn't mean she doesn't care about animals, it's her choice plus its probably a lot healthier for her and Emilia as she gets proper protein and iron.

  10. You certainly aren't eating enough considering you are "breastfeeding". Just admit you are formula feeding already.

  11. And what the heck happened to your porridge portion size?

  12. Do you honestly expect us to believe you eat this? What's happened to all the junk processed food you always eat in your vlogs? Lying about what you are does not make it true

  13. Why would she lie at all? Seriously there's no point....she has way more to worry about then lying about what she does and does not eat. Just because someone stopped being a vegetarian doesn't mean she doesn't care about animals. That's just stupid


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