Blogmas Day 10: Home Decor Update

Happy Monday!  Today Emilia went with an all pink pink leggings (Tesco), light pink "Nuts about Daddy" t-shirt (Primark), pink Layniebug Designs hairbow and these adorable little socks that were a gift from a subbie.  She looked so adorable...for all of about 10 minutes.  That was when she had a massive poo explosion and the entire outfit had to be changed, ha ha ha!  Story of my life!  

Luckily we found this pretty ensemble to wear instead!  We actually ended up matching when we filmed our Mommy Monday video - both of us were in black :)  We filmed Emilia's 3 month update as she turns exactly three months tomorrow.  I can't believe it!  She is now technically out of the newborn/"fourth trimester" stage...yay!  I can definitely tell a huge difference from last time we filmed a video together.  She is a lot stronger and better at sitting/holding her weight.  She is also so much more aware of her surroundings and loves to take everything in!  She does NOT look impressed in this picture though...ha ha!  

We did some more Christmas shopping today as our first family Christmas party is this Saturday...we are almost all done for my in-laws!  I also got some really cute wrapping paper and stationery.  Wrapping presents is one of my favourite parts of Christmas!  While we were out we grabbed some lunch in Quigley's.  I had a tuna salsa bap on wholegrain bread - yummy!  

I snapped this picture of Emilia at lunch.  She was so alert and awake, sitting up like a big girl on the couch next to me!  Aww...  We also bought two of her main Christmas presents.  I know she won't remember her first Christmas but we want to make it special. I am so excited for her to play with her gifts! ;)

I thought I'd share some updated home decor pictures with you guys...we bought our wreath and a new throw for our sofa in Tesco.  The wool throw on the upper part of the couch is from Dunnes and by Paul Costelloe and the one on the lower part is new.  It's super warm and furry plus I love the colours in it and they match our decor perfectly!  It was only €33 and is pretty big (this is it folded in half and it fits the entire length of the sofa).  I added an orchid and Christmas lantern (not seen here) to our hall table.  The candle holder & pink candle was a wedding present from my late grand-uncle and is very special to me!  Let me know your thoughts!  I will do a more detailed home decor post soon...probably after Blogmas is over!  

Stay Stylish!


  1. That baby boy is so cute especially for a formula fed baby

    1. Erm, do you not watch the Vlogs, read her blogs or follow Facebook, twitter or Instagram!!? She breastfeeds and yeah it's obvious you are being a smart arse but Emilia is one of the most beautiful baby girls I have seen. Quite clearly you can see by her beautiful eyes and pretty little face, that she is a girly. As I said before. You obviously have issues in regards to your mental health. You should see a doctor about that :/ I feel sorry for you ^^


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