Blogmas Day 12: Baby Schedule

Emilia's outfit of the day...isn't it cute?!  Everything is from Zara except for the black headband which is by Layniebug Designs.  I think she looks a lot like my goddaughter & niece, Sophia in this picture (the flowergirl at my wedding if you want to reference her pics!).  It's funny how babies really change everyday!  I feel like every picture of her is different.  

Lately I've been doing a ton of research and reading up on baby schedules.  At the moment Emilia is just kind of fitting into our schedule which was fine when she was just a few weeks old but as she grows older I find myself wanting to get her into more of a routine...especially when it comes to napping in her crib and such.  We've got a pretty steady morning routine going and our night-time routine is okay but she does go to sleep with us - at the same time and LATE which isn't always ideal.  As much as I love spending time with Emilia and Jonathan together as a family, sometimes you just crave and miss that alone time as a couple in the evenings.  So today I tried out a baby schedule I found on Babycenter and although I definitely didn't stick to it fully, I found the earlier part of the day's schedule hugely beneficial.  Emilia napped in her crib for 50 minutes and I feel like we really got to enjoy quality time together :)  The problem areas are still late afternoon (around the time when I start to freak out and realise that I've got nothing done!) and night time...when I feel like she should be going to sleep earlier than us.  I'm not too worried about this just yet as I know it's all a learning curve but I'm curious to know your thoughts on baby schedules!  Do you think they're beneficial or too restrictive?

The funniest thing about the baby schedule I was using is that it was based off of a slightly older during playtime Emilia drifted off, ha ha ha!  She does love her playmat though and is getting great use out of it, both for tummy time and laying on her back touching and grabbing at her hanging toys.

I did manage to film my Winterlicious Tag video this afternoon while Emilia was napping but unfortunately it won't be up this evening as planned :(  Sorry guys!!  Poor Jonathan was just too tired to get to editing it today as we had so much else going on...but it will be up tomorrow and I will post the link to it here, promise!

And here's an updated picture of some bedroom decor!  I purchased two new cushions from TK Maxx yesterday - the bigger sequin one (it's by Kylie Minogue apparently, I didn't know she had a homeware brand!) and the furry chocolate brown one.  These two
replaced two pink ones that I moved into my cupcake room.  For those who are wondering, our bedding is by John Rocha for Debenhams and the chocolate brown throw is from Dunnes Stores.  The big furry beige cushion and smaller button one are from Debenhams and the small white one is by Laura Ashley.  Our lamps are from Atlantic Homecare.  

I hope you're all having a happy Hump Day! ;)  

Stay Stylish!  


  1. i found having bubs on a schedule to be HUGELY beneficial. I think as long as you dont expect too much of them, it really benefits them too. When you sit down and organise a routine, you ensure there is enough playtime to stimulate their little brain, enough sleeptime and enough milk. Sleep begets sleep, so if you ensure Emillia gets enough, she will continue to sleep well. Our son went on the Tizzie Halls routine and slept 7pm-7am with 3 naps of 1hr+ at Emillia's age. Id really encourage you to bring Emillias bedtime forward so u can get some Anna and Jofy time. Its so important! Then you will feel fresh for a new day full of Emillia! Goodluck!

  2. Schedules and to-do lists are great. As long as you don't turn into a crazy stressed out perfectionist that forgets to have fun and grace. Be blessed. Love y'all!

  3. Ciao Anna! I hope this is a good way to contact you as I'd really appreciate some breadtfeeding advice. I have to applaud you for breastfeeding Emelia in Ireland. My daughter was born in Italy in Sept & I've been breastfeeding in public her with out problem & nothing but encouragement from health care professionals & strangers alike. However we're coming back to Ireland for Christmas & I'm terrified of bfing in public as rates of bfing are dismal & it seems people are weird about it. Honestly how have you found it? Any advice? (I have some boob tops!) I'm sure that having someone like you breastfeeding in public could really help encourage young people to be more acceptable of it!!

  4. Your style and videos are gross

  5. Your giveaway prizes are disgracefully rubbish, you cheap ass. And you are not American, so enough with the American phrases already, you're just making yourselves look like a couple of dumb asses

  6. Allow your baby to sleep in the day, what the fuck?! She should be sleeping for 8 hours during the day and 8 at night you selfish imbecile! You are the worst mom ever

  7. Well my baby is 12 wks now on Monday and I have him in a routine for past month! I really believe in routine and babies do appreciate them as it gives their day structure. I follow Gina Ford the contented baby book routine and Gina really knows what she is talking about.


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