Blogmas Day 23: Plätzchen Baking!

Today was the fourth Sunday of Advent!  Here's how my wreath looked all lit up this morning.  So pretty!  I can't believe how fast this month has gone!

Emilia wore her new pink top & pussycat leggings from two lovely subscribers Chloe & Shannon, pink socks and pink & yellow hairbow from Layniebug Designs.  The entire outfit is from Tesco (F&F).  She is so smiley in the mornings!  I love her chubby little legs...ha ha ha!

This was my lunch - homemade tuna wrap with light mayo, cucumber, tomato & lettuce!  Yummy!  

The pups all tired out after their walk this afternoon...I was so glad to fit one in.  Due to all of the Christmas preparations and rushing around shops, family events etc. they hadn't been walked in a few days and I felt really bad for them :(  Thankfully the weather was nice today and they all enjoyed a long walk!  

We went to my mom's house for dinner tonight and afterwards we baked plätzchen!!  It was so nice to share this tradition with Emilia, even if she is too small to even notice or remember.  Jonathan had fun participating in the rolling out of the dough and although he was responsible for a few mangled shapes and club-footed gingerbread men, they all turned out alright in the end...ha ha ha!  We also got news that my brother is coming to visit with his girlfriend in January - yay!  I can't wait for them to meet Emilia :)

And for all you Bianca fans out there...this is what happens when she hijacks my phone.  You have to be able to understand lisp/Bianca-talk to read these messages!!  She really liked my sister's shiny pants.

I hope you guys are enjoying the last few days leading up to Christmas!  Do you have all your shopping done?!  I am going out again tomorrow with my sister to shop for Jonathan's present!  Wish me luck!!  

Stay Stylish!

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  1. Hello Anna. Are u going to take Emillia to church somewhen? I know you and Jonathan are not too much religious... But with a little child could be always some exceptions... you celebrate Christmas so i guess its not completely 'nothing' for you...
    Anyway i wish you very merry Christmas !! Lot of love and happiness.
    And i hope you r not planning to stop this daily writing after Christmas..:))


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