Blogmas Day 4: Rain Rain Go Away...

We had such great plans for today!  But it ended up being the rainiest afternoon ever and I'm talking POURING rain, not just a little drizzle!  Which meant none of the doggies got their walk as it was too wet and if anyone else knows anything about Maltese, you'll know that they do NOT like the rain.  Albi & Nuvies just point blank refuse to move their bums so I just end up dragging them everywhere...and looking like a horrible dog-owner!  Ha ha ha!  

Emilia and I stayed home all afternoon and played together while daddy was out.  Poor Jonathan ended up getting quite delayed in the yucky weather so we entertained ourselves making adorable faces like this:

I hope your day was more productive than ours!  Sorry this was so short & a bit boring.  Hopefully tomorrow will be more interesting!

Stay Stylish!


  1. Aww her little GAP onesie is so adorable!

  2. Emilia is so cute! Second pic is lovely!

  3. It's a good job Emilia takes after Jonny boy otherwise she would not be as cute as she is she is adorable! Her mom on the other hand could do with a personality transplant she is super weird and always nasty to Jonny boy, even though he is a great dad and husband she always treats him and the baby like total crap . Weirdo

    1. What does that make you then since you feel so strongly about it yet continue to read...

  4. I can't beleive how many bullies leave hateful comments on here! Jealousy isn't attractive!
    You and Jonathan are amazing parents, and Emilia is one lucky little girl. I was brought up in a spotless house and I'm always poorly and allergic to everything under the sun, so your 6 other 'babies' will do her no harm!

    Love your vlogs and blog, ignore the keyboard warriors , they are a small minority!!! Xoxo

  5. How can you not know which toys Emilia likes??!!! Jon is like the mum he does EVERYTHING and you Anna are like the selfish dad who is never there because he is too busy . you don't do anything with emilia you are so self centred except when it comes to your dirty dogs then you are all over them like a rash . Odd

  6. Wtf watch their vblogs and you will see thats not the case you idiot.

  7. Aw emilia and mummy time, ive bought that gap onsie in cream for my little boy whos due anyday now eeek excited!

  8. Hello i am a korean subscriber!i enjoy watching ur channel and reading ur blog!!u r such a stylish and beautiful mom^^ thank u for always putting up ur video and sharing ur story!i think u r very brave!!Emilia is so cute and adorable !!she got all the best gene from u and ur husband!!^^
    stay warm~

  9. What a little treasure emilia is! Great job mummy! xoxox

  10. Emilia's smile just melts your heart! She's the cutest!!! And I know Maltese hates rain! My mother in laws dog will do a gargling noise when it's raining and we try to get him to go outside! It's kind of funny! Lol I hope your doing good! :)


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