Blogmas Day 5: Everyday Makeup Routine

Today started off with a ridiculously adorable outfit of the day from my favourite little girl in the whole world!  Emilia's top is from Zara, pants are Carters (gift from a lovely subscriber Kristen) and the bow/headband combo are by Layniebug Designs.  Theo had great fun with the footies on these pants...he couldn't understand how they wouldn't come off everytime he tried to grab them!  For those of you who don't know, Theo is the master thief of shoes, socks and slippers...ha ha ha!

I finally got around to filming my everyday makeup routine video...I think this is one of my most requested videos of all time!  Like the regular creature of habit that I am, I tend to wear my makeup the exact same way everyday...with the exception of one or two eyeshadow colours.  Even after having Emilia I always make sure not to skip this part of my daily routine no matter how tired I may be that particular morning.  I'm not saying that wearing a full face of makeup is always practical for a new mom (sometimes it's a downright chore!) but I honestly feel it's really helped keep me sane when everything else around me felt like total chaos!  Being a mama is a completely selfless job, but it's important to not lose sight of who YOU are...because happy mama = happy baby!

And speaking of being good to yourself...don't forget to treat your sweet tooth either! ;)  Here is one of my current favourite evening snacks - Maltesers...also good with popcorn but we didn't have any left :(  Yesterday I bought some Betty Crocker red velvet cake mix so I might attempt to bake that tomorrow!  

Hope you're all having a nice evening and if you celebrate Nikolaus I hope you find something in your slippers tomorrow morning!! ;)  

Stay Stylish!


  1. Hi Anna, I am a midwife and new mum and you are doing such a fantastic job! My daughter is now 6 months and i have had a slow recovery after a difficult pregnancy and emergency caesarian, its only now that i feel back on track and after seeing your videos and posts you have inspired me to get my make-up bag out again and i had my hair done are inspiring, thank you for everything sweetie. Greetings from a londoner in Qatar, Laura xxx

  2. you are only happy when you have makeup on? can't you be happy with your baby without makeup? you where too much makeup you will give yourself zits gross

  3. I think your missing the point, everyone is happy with their baby! Its when you are tired and low on energy, taking a few minutes in the day to make yourself feel fresher and prettier and looking in the mirror without thinking "argh", also having your partner look at you with a twinkle in his eye..a few zits? So what? Thats what a good diet and concealer is for! Good job Anna, judging by the first comment you are making a difference

  4. Since when has Anna been happy? She either looks manically hyper or depressed as hell. The only thing she gets slightly happy about is when she fusses her filthy mutts

    1. nasty nasty little creature..go back to your cave and have a good look in the mirror...your just a big yellow pimple.....pop!

  5. Loved the everyday makeup routine video! ...and I love your blog posts! Thank you sooooo much!

  6. You are a great mother! Don't let anyone tell you differently! If you wanna wear makeup! Wear makeup! :) emilia has the greatest clothes! :) I thought that bowl of chocolates was grapes! Ha ha i've been eating resses candies! They are really good! :) Hope you are doing good! I gotta catch up on your blogs! I'm a little behind!

  7. Don't listen to the hateful comments. As a mum of a little 8 month old please know that doing my makeup/hair when I had a newborn made me feel better, even if I never left the house. It was something I could do just for me - when you're a breast feeding mummy it's all about the baby and the feedings an it's sometimes exhausting but so worth it. Well done on the nursing too, we're still going strong and enjoying it after the first few difficult weeks. You are doing brilliant, keep it up. L, x

  8. My Son is only three months old, and I feel like when I wear make up it makes me feel so much better. Having a child is crazy, and make up is my safe haven. Its something I know about and find comfort in while learning new things everyday about being a mother. I don't wear make up everyday, though I understand where you're coming from. X


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