Blogmas Day 7: Hair Routine & Christmas Shopping!

How cute are my two lovelies all snuggled up together after their shower!?  Love them both so much :)  They both looked so adorable this morning I couldn't resist snapping a picture!  

I filmed my wet to straight hair routine video today.  As you can see this is my very professional and practical filming set-up, ha ha ha!  Now you know why I always say my neighbours think I'm talking to my plant!!  I was requested to make a video on how I style my hair whenever I wear it straight which is basically the easiest way for me to do it after I wash it.  My hair is super dry so I only wash it twice a's also very long, thick and is prone to the frizzies so if this sounds like your hair too you might find my routine helpful!

This afternoon we stopped by Ballyseedy for a bite to eat and to make a dent in our Christmas shopping.  I got the open salmon sandwich on brown bread and it was delicious! Jonathan was naughty and got two sausage rolls...he he he ;)  We actually ended up getting some great stuff for my in-laws - Ballyseedy has a good selection of home decor, garden, clothing & kitchen items!  Unfortunately I can't show you what I got because they're all Christmas gifts...sorry :(  

And here's what Emilia wore today!  It took me ages to get a good picture of her this morning as every single one involved her shoving her hands into her mouth, ha ha!  She's such a little muncher!  Her outfit today is all Baby Gap with the exception of the hairbow (Layniebug) and socks (gifted from a Norwegian subscriber, Maren!).  

Hope you're having a fabulous Friday!  

Stay Stylish!


  1. Emilia is such a model!! She is so beautiful! I like that you add your food to your blog!! The things you guys eat there cOmpared to here in Kansas is different! It really does seem like the food there is fresher and healthier too! I don't like the food here in Kansas as much as the food in Hawaii where I'm originally from! :) I still got to do some more Christmas shopping! :) hope you guys are enjoying the cold weather and the holiday season!! :)

  2. That baby boy is SO cute! What a good boy, always sits still for photos! Well done Anna, for showing everyone how not to raise their child

    1. ^^^^manners are easily carried you troll, grow up. Raising a baby is hard work and there's no right way - what's important is a baby that is loved and looked after and it's obvious Emilia has all this and more. Lisa (not anon like you)

    2. It's obvious you are Anna, replying as anon to all these comments. Get over yourself Anna, self-absorbed, selfish idiot

  3. Grow up! You are such a child and its obvious that there is only one person writing all these nasty comments! Anna and jofus are loved by a lot of people. I think you may need go see a specialist or something as you are kind of stalking this family and becoming a little obsessed... Come back when you have your life sorted. You need your brain re wiring or something. Borderline psychotic I think! Crazy idiot!!!!


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