Blogmas Day 8: My First Mince Pie!

Somebody was feeling very festive today!  The I heart Santa top was a gift from our friend Jan (couturemomnyc) and is by Babies R Us, the white leggings & booties are from H&M and the hairband/bow is by LayniebugDesigns.  

Bianca came and kept me company this morning while I was checking my email & drinking my coffee...I caught her peeking out from behind this cushion and thought she looked so cute I couldn't resist taking a picture!  This little pup probably has the most character of all four - she barks the loudest, has the worst tearstains, has an underbite and the most squished up face...not to mention the fact that she's also a total pro at knock knock jokes ;)  Ha ha ha! 

We went out to do more Christmas shopping this afternoon and Emilia wore her adorable fuzzy reindeer suit for the first time!  How cute are those little antlers?!  We got this in Tesco - surprisingly enough they do some very sweet kids' holiday attire!  We also picked up my mom's tree (a real one) and now Jonathan is jealous because it smells so good...honestly though I don't mind going fake this year.  I know how much more hassle and mess a real tree would have been with six little doggies running around and pissing all over it - ha ha!  No thank you!!  My mom's does smell lovely though...the Christmas Tree Yankee Candle we got doesn't come close to the real thing.  

After delivering my mama's tree we were invited for dinner and she cooked her amazing lasagne.  It is SO GOOD, one of my favourite meals growing up.  Well let's be honest...any kind of pasta dish is a favourite of mine ;)  My mom makes the best lasagne I've ever tasted.  I've tried to replicate it many times but failed miserably :(  She usually would make this with red meat but recently started doing it with turkey per my request!  

For dessert we had mince pies with whipped cream - my first mince pie of the season!  Yum!!  This truly marks the beginning of Christmas for me.  Yay! :)

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend.  

Stay Stylish!


  1. Love your blogs! :)

  2. Anna, I just love seeing your family every day. I wish you all an amazing holiday season and a bright, beautiful new year together. Thanks for sharing your lives, it makes a difficult holiday season more enjoyable as I no longer have my parents to be with. Warm regards.

  3. That outfit is so cute!! Both of them! I have a real tree and with my basset I wish I got a fake one cause she keeps sleeping under the tree or running around it which makes the needles fall off lol the lasagne looks yummy!!! I wonder why America spells it lasagna? I've never eaten a mince pie before! I hope you are doing good! :)

  4. That reindeer suit is ADORABLE!!! Merry Christmas, Saccone Joly's!

  5. my cousin is always wearing that raindeer suit:)!

  6. my cousin is always wearing that raindeer suit:)!

  7. Emilia looks so yummy!
    I know it's not the same, but we have a mainecoon cat (which is the size of a small dog)
    He is so laid back we got him a reindeer outfit which looks a lot like Emilia haha!
    I have only just discovered you do blogs too! I have been watching the Vlogs since just before you gave birth and I'm not trying to catch up from the beginning... Though there are sooooo many!


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