Blogmas Day 9: Lazy Sunday

For today's outfit, Emilia decided to match Woodstock with her yellow socks & bow!  Ha ha ha!  I absolutely love this outfit from Zara...the little navy blue velour pants & Snoopy top are both so soft!  Her mary-jane style socks are Trumpettes and the hairbow is from Layniebug Designs.  Aaand we're doing the clasped hands pose again...she really loves that one doesn't she?!

Happy second Sunday of Advent to all of my blog reader friends!!  I got this pretty wreath in Dunnes Stores and love how it matches our tree :)  The candle in the middle is actually our Christmas Tree Yankee Candle that I stuffed into it for some added pizazz...ha ha ha!

Being that today was a lazy Sunday, it was mostly spent cleaning, doing laundry, playing with Emilia and walking the dogs.  Not very exciting!  But it gave me a good excuse to lounge around in yoga pants and try out my new Boob hoodie!  Yes, they make nursing hoodies too and they are amazing!  I got one in a dark petrol colour and it's super soft, comfy and convenient for breastfeeding!  It beats having to shove Emilia under my regular bulky hoodies and sweatshirts anyday!

I hope you all had a good weekend - our next one will be crazy so it was nice to have a rather relaxing one this time around.  

Stay Stylish!


  1. Hi Anna. I started watching your videos during my pregnancy (baby girl 9/19). Emilia seems like such an easy going baby! Mine does her share of fussing. Great job on the breastfeeding! How often are you nursing her? Love the Snoopy shirt! Girl Snoopy is the theme in our nursery.

  2. Emilia looks lovely! (like always) ;)
    Love your blogmas Anna! Watching you for 1,5 year and still love it!! Keep going on :)

  3. Emilias outfits are soo cute!! The wreath is beautiful!! :) Christmas is coming so fast! I havent finished my shopping yet lol
    Hope your monday goes well! :)

  4. Wow, you look so pretty in sweats and no makeup. Pure beauty.


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