What I Ate Wednesday!

A bit late, but better late than never!  This was breakfast - my usual meal of Alpen Apple Raspberry & Raisin porridge, 1/2 banana and a sprinkle of cinnamon.  Plus a giant cup of coffee to wake me up! :)

Lunch was one of my personal favourites - a tuna wrap!  I made this using a "White & Wheat" deli wrap, canned tuna, light mayo, tomatoes, cucumber & lettuce.  Delicious!

My afternoon snack was a Pink Lady apple and low-fat yoghurt.  Blueberry's my least favourite flavour but unfortunately it was the last one in the fridge...blueberry is always the last one to go, ha ha ha!  Peach and strawberry are gone first! :)

Dinner time!  I had spinach cannelloni and no they're not home-made :(  Sorry...these are from one of our favourite restaurants called Bully's.  Maybe one day I'll learn to make them myself! 

I tried really hard to say no to dessert, but you know me and my sweet tooth!! ;) Plus Bully's do this amazing cheesecake, I think it's just called "Bully's Cheesecake" and it is so good!  Yum yum, just looking at it makes me want another slice!  

I also drank about 2L of water today and had another sneaky cup of coffee after lunch.  What did you eat today? 


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  1. I made today the same tuna wrap. So delicious!! Yumi, thanks Anna for inspiration:-*


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