When It Rains It Pours!

Dress/French Connection (last year), Leggings/Avoca, Boots/Chinese Laundry (LoveClothing), Bracelet/Tiffany's, Earrings/PinkDiamondDesign

It was an absolutely disgusting day today - non stop pouring rain, dark, dreary and depressing...which made it completely impossible to take outfit pictures outside so unfortunately I had to make do with these badly lit ones in my kitchen, ha ha!  I hope you don't mind!  This is almost the same exact outfit I wore to my grandmother's birthday dinner in December.  I had a love/hate relationship with this cardigan/dress when I was pregnant - now I realise some things are just not meant to be worn as maternity-wear!  

I really did not do a great deal today - I think this weather has had an effect on me!  I have a splitting headache and I feel so lazy and sluggish - bleugh!  Perhaps I need to drink more water and/or go to bed earlier...probably both!  I did film an Ask Anna video for TheStyleDiet and my house is clean so at least I feel somewhat accomplished...ha ha ha!

Last week we finally bought our curtain rail for the master bedroom so now we can hang our new curtains - yay!  I can't wait to show you guys.  I also have my eye on a starburst mirror for the wall over our bed which I'm hoping is on sale.  I may pick that up next week and finish off decorating that room.  

Bianca and Nuvies wanted to make an appearance on the blog - they are looking rather bedraggled from the rain, ha ha ha!  They are also loving their new beds we picked up on sale at Home Store & More!  I really recommend them if you have pets (they have cat ones too!).  Even Albi, who is the fussiest of doggies loves them!  The puppies are constantly fighting over bed space - I think we need to buy two more!

Hope you are all having a fashionable Friday! ;)

Stay Stylish!


  1. I really like how you're decorating your home, Anna :) it has a very homey feel to it. With 6 dogs, a baby and hubby...and a big home! That's a lot of work. Have a good weekend :)



  2. I love this outfit Anna! The boots are absolutely gorgeous! Xx


  3. Didnt u spend nearly €100 on dog bed a few months ago and now ur wasting more money on more because u havent trained ur dogs properly and they destroyed them. I feel so sorry for the baby.

    1. How about you stop being so hateful and do something else with yourself?

    2. @ Anonymous- What a waste of a life! You spend your time looking for things others do in which you don't agree with? I don't understand people like you. What is the purpose of watching their vlogs or reading Anna's blog if you disagree with how they choose to live their OWN lives? Not only are Anna and Jofus great parents, they are also excellent pet owners. They treat their puppies like they are their children for goodness sakes! How about you do all of us a favor and go away and never come back!

      -Kellie from California

  4. Poor baby? oh please! you can quite clearly see amelia is adored! They're living to their means! they can afford to buy new dog beds if they wish! Amelia has ALOT more things than the dogs and as you can see from the vlogs shes obviously very happy! .. you look gorgeous anna!

  5. You are such a beautiful Mom :)

  6. Great photos Anna! I really like how you're decorating your home :) it has a very homey feel to it. With 6 dogs, a baby and hubby...and a big home! That's a lot of work. You're a great person! :)


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