Half and Half

Top/Selected (LoveClothing), Boots/ASOS, Leggings/Avoca, Bracelets/Dyrberg Kern & Tiffany's

I feel like crap today! :(  I think I either have mastitis again or am coming down with something...nooo!  I hate being sick!  Hopefully it will pass quickly!  Anyway, this is one of my favourite outfits to wear lately...underneath this top I have a black nursing tank.  The grey top is half knit, half silk (in the back and front pocket) - I love it!  The leggings make this super comfy and easy to wear.  

This is also what I wore to a mini photoshoot with the Sunday Independent - as far as I know the article will be in this Sunday's newspaper if you're interested!  And later tonight we're doing Family Friday at our house (where my family come over for dinner) and my mama is bringing her amazing tiramisu...I can't wait!!  She is the best tiramisu maker in the world :) 

I hope you're all having a wonderful Friday - don't get sick like me!!  I'll be doing a Valentine's themed home decor post tomorrow ;) 

Stay Stylish!


  1. with you on feeling Crap! flu like symptoms Yuk yuk! Im hoping for an evening with fire on Crap tv and a bath while hubby puts kids to bed... Haha just have to beg and promise to cook roast tomorrow :-)

  2. Hi there!!! Sorry about your feeling sick :(. When I was breastfeeding I tried literally combing my breast towards my nipple whilst standing in the shower, it helped. I did it everyday no just when I felt sick. Hope this helps.

  3. Anna maybe feeling sick cause your are preggers ?? Lol wishful thinking?? Hopefully you feel better soon..and if that's looking like crap than I wanna look like crap too..lol..xoxox


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