Emilia's 6 Month Update!

I can't believe Emilia is already half a year old!  You definitely realise how quickly time goes when you have a baby...they grow SO fast!  I have to say I'm really excited now that she's 6 months - I feel like this is the "fun" stage of baby-hood ;)

Height/Weight: I will try to update this after our 6 month checkup...she still has not been weighed or measured since her 4 month one!

Daily: I've started to notice a definite structure to Emilia's days where she takes two naps, one longer one in the morning/midday and another shorter one in the afternoon.  Without these naps she becomes a little demon baby and we call her Little "No-Naps" Saccone Joly ;)  But generally speaking she sticks to this loose schedule and it seems to work for everybody.  There are other things that she enjoys doing everyday like playing in her Exersaucer in the mornings while she watches Peppa Pig (I mentioned this in last month's post - it hasn't changed!), rolling around on her playmat (she has now mastered rolling both from tummy to back and back to stomach but not crawling yet!), and she also really likes her new bouncer from her grandma...even though her feet don't quite reach the floor yet! 

Bedtime: Her bedtime routine is pretty much the same as it was last month...and she is still sleeping in bed with us for the most part.  It just works a lot better for everybody and ensures that we get the longest amount/best quality of sleep.  I still don't feel any reason to change this as we're all happy with how it's going...honestly I really love the closeness of sleeping together and think it's been so beneficial to breastfeeding & our mommy/baby bond :)

Eating: I started Emilia on solids a few days ago!  Initially I thought I would be able to wait till exactly the 6 month mark but she was getting to the point where she would refuse to feed during the day and was basically just dream-feeding all night...she wouldn't take her milk in the daytime because she was too distracted by everything else that was going on and she was obsessed with the food we were eating!  It was crazy, she'd try to grab things off the table, from our hands, plates, etc.  Now she is so enjoying eating solids...even though it's been a very slow process and she hasn't really "eaten" all that much, just little tastes here and there.  So far she has had baby rice with breast milk & water, pureed pear, apple and sweet potato.  Watching her reactions is so much fun and she has enjoyed every taste...I can't wait for her to try more!

Sizes: Emilia is fitting into 6-9 month clothing but leaning more towards the 9 months end of that scale, ha ha ha!  She's definitely gotten too big for most of her 6 month clothes (sad face) and is fitting comfortably into 9 month vests & even goes up to 6-12 months sizes sometimes!  In terms of nappies she's wearing a size 4 (EU).

  • Sitting on her own!  I still put pillows/cushions around her though in case she falls backwards or loses her balance but usually she will sit comfortably in a stable upright position completely on her own.  Yay!  Such a big girl :)
  • TEETH!  She now has her two bottom front teeth!  I can't believe it, but they are so cute and make her smile all the more adorable.  Although this also means she has started biting the boob a little bit...ow :(    
  • Playing peekaboo!  She doesn't play it herself but reacts really well now to when we do it.  She loves the game!  She also gets excited about her toys and will try to move towards them/retrieve them.
  • Raspberry blowing!  I can't believe I forgot to mention this in my update video...but she has been doing this non-stop since my sisters taught it to her.
  • Pulling off her socks!  Now her socks are always going missing...and not because of Theo!!  She has become the culprit, as she loves to pull them off and shove her feet in her mouth.  
  • Weaning - she is now eating one meal a day (usually lunch) in her highchair, which she loves sitting in and watching us prepare her food!   
  • Rolling around the floor.  As I mentioned earlier, she now rolls both front-back and back-front which makes her a lot better at getting to where she wants...ha ha ha!  Not crawling yet though!
That's all I can remember for now!  You can also watch my video update here!   

Stay Stylish!


  1. Happy 6 months Emilia! Time does go so fast, my daughter is almost 3 now but it seems like just yesterday she was 6 months old! Enjoy weaning its so much fun x

  2. I remember when you were pregnant! Time seems to go so fast! Can't believe how big Emilia has gotten! She is so adorable!

  3. Anybody watch this video in HD? There are light orbs at 454 and 635. Any who Emilia is just too cute!

  4. Awe bless her! My little boy is 4 months and currently starting baby rice. He loves it!

  5. cutie pie :3
    i want to hug her and having a doll like emilia!
    she's so cute

  6. I've just been reading through all emilia's updates as I currently have a 4 month baby. I was feeling guilty taking him into bed during the night to feed and letting him stay there. Was just looking back to see what you done with emilia as she's turned out perfect. I now feel better about enjoying cuddles with my baby in our bed.
    I never ever comment but felt this was necessary after all the negativity you have been receiving recently. You are such amazing parents and have brought your children up in such a loving environment.


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