Fashion Friday: Purple Power!

Cardigan/Soaked in Luxury, Nursing tank/Boob, Chelsea boots/LoveClothing, Scarf/Zara, Jeggings/Zara

Really, purple power?! Yup, that's when you know you're running out of good titles for your outfit posts...ha ha ha!  But I don't wear purple that often so when I do why not make a song and dance about it??  And Emilia was wearing lavender today so we kind of matched ;)

I'm pretty much in love with this cardigan except for the fact that it has sequins in it which are kind of scratchy and I'm conscious of that when breastfeeding...poor Emilia but pain is beauty, right girls?!?  (Joking...heh heh heh) 

My hair is getting loooonger even though I only got it cut a little over a month ago - what can I say, it grows like a I think I'll make an appointment to get it cut again next week.  I feel like sticking with a "style" is what moms and other responsible adults do and this should hopefully make me a proper grown up and give me some sort of wisdom/insight into the meaning of life, right??  Instead of not cutting it for another thousand years and just letting it grow out/do whatever it wants which is what I usually do!!

And the famous Chelsea boots, well these are just wonderfully comfortable and look good with most of the other items in my closet (or at least I think so) which means they have become some of my favourite shoes to wear!  Along with my black wedge booties, these would probably be up there with my most worn winter/autumn/early spring/most of the Irish year footwear.  On the topic of weather, I am still holding out for a heatwave this month (March 2012 anyone??) but until that magic happens we booked our summer holiday to Sorrento in July so at least I have that to look forward to!  Sun! Sea! Good food! Bikinis! And first big trip with a baby :)  So much excitement.

And just in case you thought this blog couldn't get any better, well guess what.  It just did.

Have a great weekend and stay stylish my fashionable friends!! ;)


  1. Looking forward to the Sorrento vlogs and Emilias bathing suit!

  2. Lovely post Anna, cheered up my rainy Friday!

  3. Love the post. You look so pretty and love the outfit!

    Yay for your holiday in the sun in July. How exciting!!!! Especially taking Emilia too :D xx

  4. Love that last photo! Glad to see you don't mind making a fool out of yourself (I mean that in the nicest way possible)!

  5. I love that scarf I think this everytime you wear it. It just reminds me of summer (im in the scotland) so like you we dont get much of a summer. Maybe you could include Emilia in these posts do her outfit for the day?? xx

  6. I liked your outfit keep going Anna and all the best

  7. Love the outfit! Especially the scarf. And power to you for giving in and thinking only long hair is beautiful. Your bob is so cute

  8. You look wonderful in these colors Anna. It's very refreshing to see this because you mostly wear blacks Greys and other subtle colors. And your smile is your best accessory :)


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