Master Bedroom Decor

I picked up some new home decor items from Dunnes Stores today, so we're finally making some progress with the master bedroom!  I was quite impressed with what Dunnes had to offer actually - I never realised how nice some of their homeware section actually is!  Prices are affordable too and I did manage to get some things on offer which is always a bonus!  

I had been wanting to decorate this dresser for ages and while I still haven't found the perfect photo frame I think it's looking much better.  I picked up the gold & cream lamp and a stained glass jar & bowl for make-up brushes and various nick-nacks.

The lamp matches my candle & ring-box perfectly (these were a Christmas present from my mom, from Monsoon!)

The stained glass bowl & vase were reduced to €6 and €8 I think and are really good quality, very heavy and look beautiful!  The vase is a bit bigger than I had realised so I might fill it with sand or beads to stand my brushes in.  The bowl keeps all the other crap items I had floating around on my dresser in some sort of order!

We have a huge floor-to-ceiling window in our bedroom and the windowsill was looking a bit lonely so I got this brassy/gold hurricane candle holder for €30.  The candle inside is a taupe pillar one from the Paul Costelloe Living range.

And here's what the dresser looks like from the other side of the room!  Sorry about the ugly blur on the windows...privacy issues etc.  Don't mind Emilia in the co-sleeper - I had to put her somewhere while taking these photos, she wasn't very happy with me as you can probably tell...ha ha ha!

I still have not found anything for our back wall over the bed...let me know if you have any suggestions!  The mahogany frame on Jonathan's bedside table is new - also from Dunnes :)  Emilia has the same one in her bedroom!

I hope you enjoyed this home decor post - sorry it wasn't really mommy related but I just wanted to share ;)

Stay Stylish!


  1. Really pretty! Love the bowl and vase combo! Dunnes and their products have definitely become a lot less shabby and tired looking recently. Keep on keeping on Anna! You're an inspiration.

  2. Hi anna, lovely pics, why dont you get a black and white canvas of u and jofus on ur wedding day or one of emilia? X yous are brill :-) x

  3. Hi anna where did u get the thingy for your jewellery I have been looking for one like that for ages?? :) xx


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