Style Saturday - Woop, I Just Made That Up!

Jeans/Gap 1969 Always Skinny, Boots/LoveClothing, Blazer/Zara, Top/Boob, Scarf/Gift, Earrings/Jan (Amsterdam), Necklace/My dad's, Changing Bag/Storksak "Elizabeth" 

This was actually my outfit from Wednesday, which I meant to upload yesterday but never got around to it...argh!!  We'll just call this "Style Saturday" ha ha ha!  Anywho, Emilia is currently being entertained by a packet of cheese & tomato puffits so I took the opportunity to finally post this now!  

...and then the sun came out.  It's crazy how dramatically the weather can change here, the lighting in one photo is completely different to the next!  Yesterday was blissfully sunny and we got lots of spring cleaning done - so motivated were we from the sun's shining rays (that and the fact that it highlighted all of my dirty windows...out with the Windex!!).  Today on the other hand is back to dreary, drizzly and depressing :(  How sad!

I had hoped to film another driving vlog - this time on the road, as I passed my theory test on Tuesday, woo hoo!  But Jonathan thought it would be too overwhelming in the pouring rain and obviously I agree whole-heartedly.  The stress!  At my level I can barely cope with a singular car coming towards me let alone rain drops on the windshield!  

On another note I happen to think this picture is hilarious...Theo and I trying to play it model cool while being completely windswept, ha ha ha!

And this...what is going on here?!  It's like Theo (with the visible bow) to Albi (beside him) is saying "c'mon let me into your secret club-house, I won't tell a soul!!" while Sina (in the front) pretends not to hear.  How can I tell who's who from this picture you ask?  Because I am a crazy dog-lady, that's why.

Stay Stylish! 

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