What I Ate Wednesday {Bit Late!}

Sorry this post is a day late - I felt so bad about not blogging yesterday but later that afternoon I got a terrible attack of hayfever (*sobs*) which was most likely due to the beautiful weather we've been blessed with lately.  Oh how I hate you, allergies!!  So off to bed I went. :(  I'm feeling a bit better today but I need to pick up some stuff at the pharmacy.  Anyway, I still took WIAW pictures so here's what I ate yesterday!

Breakfast (10am)
Same ol' same ol'....organic porridge with light soy milk (we were out of almond), 1/2 banana and cinnamon.  I also drank about half of my coffee as we were in a rush!

Lunch (12:30pm-ish)
We went out to BT's restaurant (Table) for lunch and I ordered the same thing I always do - the goat's cheese salad.  It's sooo delicious!  They make it with dark greens, candied pecans, pickled beetroot and filo pastry?  I think that's what that sheet thingy in the middle was...ha ha ha :)

After lunch I had a cup of black coffee, which I didn't finish (again!!) because Emilia was kind of fussy.  I need my coffee fix...arghhh! ;)

Snack (6pm)
This was a ridiculously late snack as I was out all day at the hairdresser's and only came home at around 5 o'clock.  By then I was starving so had a juicy pear & one of Emilia's baby fromage frais (the apple & pear flavour).  These are so yummy!  Emilia likes them too...it's the one thing she will allow us to spoon feed her!

Dinner (7:30pm)
I didn't even really get to enjoy dinner as this was when the hayfever kicked in :(  But Jonathan made green thai chicken curry with brown rice & asian style veggies (this is a favourite so it's been featured a few weeks in a row!).  Usually we have it with brown noodles but this time we had it with rice.

...and I didn't have any dessert!  I felt so sick & my allergies were killing me so I just went to bed ;(  I even had an unopened pack of Hobnobs waiting for me in the cupboard but alas, it was not meant to be!

What did you eat yesterday?  I hope you're all having a lovely Thursday...it's almost the weekend!

Stay Stylish!

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