How I Curl My Mid Length Hair

Recently I've been getting a lot of requests to do a tutorial or explain how I've been styling my mid-length hair.  This beachy-waves look has been my current go-to for the most part since it's grown out a bit and I thought I'd share how I achieve it!  

Like most of my hair tutorials, this involves my trusty GHD.  Beachy waves aren't hard to do with a straightener once you get the hang of them (watch the video for a tutorial) but what helps to give it that piecy/bed-head look is a layered hairstyle.  I'm no hairstylist but I have found with experience that blunt cuts do not work well with GHD curls and they can end up looking bottom heavy and flat on top (which is my absolute worst nightmare when it comes to hair!!).  So if you want this to work, it's best if you have a few layers to give it some bounce!  

Step 1: I start off with wet hair, brush it out using my Tangle Teazer and apply a pea-sized amount of Phyto 7 which helps keep frizzies at bay.  I do this right after my shower in the morning and then let it air dry as I prepare breakfast, dress Emilia, get other things done around the house.

Step 2: I normally finish off styling my hair about 3 hours later when Emilia's gone done for her nap.  I spritz my air-dried hair with Tresemme Heat Defence Styling Spray, then section it into two parts (top and bottom layers).  

Step 3: Starting with the bottom layer I take about 1-1 and 1/2 inch sections and curl them with my GHD away from my face.  When the bottom half is done, I take down the top and do the same thing.  To style the front parts and achieve that flipped out look, I take the piece of hair upwards and over to the opposite side to which it falls - then flip backwards using the GHD to give it the most volume.  

Step 4: I spritz all over with hairspray.  I use L'Oreal Elnette Sleek Perfection which I love because it doesn't leave your hair feeling crunchy or hard afterwards and you can always brush it out, yet it still holds the style really well.

Step 5: Last but not least if I feel like I need some extra volume at the roots, I spray some Batiste Dry Shampoo XXL Volume at the top and work it in with my fingers.  If my hair is looking dry I sometimes also apply some oil to the ends but it isn't always necessary.

And that is the finished look!  If your hair is quite textured and holds curl/waves well it will probably look even nicer the day after, it has a slight bouncy wave to it but is very natural-looking at the same time.  I sometimes like that look even better than this one!  

I hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial!  What is your go-to hairstyle?

Stay Stylish!

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