Lunch Date OOTD, A Good Night's Sleep & My Baby Boys!

Today I bring you another outfit of the day!  I went out for lunch with my bestie & this is what I wore...these were the other two items I got in the Brown Thomas sale.  The brown and rose gold top & pink skinnies are both from Ted Baker and were half off.  I love the top, though it comes up quite see-through in pictures (not so much in real life, thankfully!) and whereas usually I'd probably pair it up with a prettier bra - I am still breast feeding so I had to make do with a big ol' nude nursing bra...ha ha ha!  So apologies for that!  Initially I thought the pants were a bit 90's as they are a weird scratchy plastic-y material with rose gold hardware and zippers at the bottom but actually they are super comfortable and easy to wear!  I also love the soft pink colour.  The nude shoes are my favourite pair from ASOS, the pink & gold drop earrings are from Talullah Tu and my watch is an old Nina Ricci one my dad got for my mama years ago.  Aaaand say hello to my old forlorn Chloe Paddington!  She made a surprise appearance today as I was out sans baby so didn't have a need to lug around the Storksak changing bag...woo hoo!  

I'm also happy to report that Emilia slept 10 hours in her own room last night!!  Yay!  We were all happy bunnies this morning as she didn't get up till the respectable hour of 8am.  Clearly she likes her new decals...ha ha ha!  I have also increased her daytime feeds to four times daily to make up for the fact that she no longer needs to nurse during the night.  

Now I will love you and leave you with this adorable picture of my two baby boys...Albi & Theo.  This was a rare opportunity where they actually posed together, or rather, where Theo wasn't bullying jumping all over Albi!!

Stay Stylish!

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  1. Anna, you very charming and spectacular woman! To you so goes this bra!


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