May Favourites 2013!

May was not a big shopping month for me...I only had two beauty favourites!  But I thought they were worth a mention anyway.  

The first one was the Rockstar Tan Fame Instant Mineral Tan which I did an entire post on here.  This stuff is amazing for a quick, easy, natural looking tan in a bottle!  No fuss, no streaks, no biscuity smell, no patches and a little bit of shimmer.  Great for special events or anytime you need an extra glow.  The only downside is that it washes off so beware of rain...ha ha ha!

Last month I also picked up these super cute hot pink Sleep In Rollers.  You get two packs of ten with a reusable hot pink tote bag.  I used these a few times to get that voluminous, blown out look that I never seem to be able to achieve with a hairdryer.  

When I first used them I was a little nervous as it was my first experience with any kind of rollers (by myself...I had gotten this done a few times in salons).  I still have yet to wear them overnight so I can't quite comment on how comfortable they are to sleep in but they are very easy to wear during the much so in fact that I often forget about them!  I forgot to take an "after" shot of how my hair turned out but here is a screen shot from one of the Saccone Joly vlogs - it was the day before my sister-in-law's wedding.

I love that you can just put them in for a few hours and forget about them...then take them out and voilà!  Perfect blow-dried looking locks with minimal effort.  

Sorry I didn't have more beauty faves last month but it looks like June will be a more extensive list!  What were your May Favourites?

Stay Stylish!

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