My Must Have Self Tanner!

About 2 weeks ago I picked up a new fake tan that had been recommended to me by a friend of mine whose tan I'd noticed always looks lovely and natural without that orange/patchy look that everybody hates.  She told me she uses Rockstar "Fame" - Instant Mineral Tan.  This is a wash-off tan for face & body, made with all natural mineral ingredients.  It is paraben free, non-comedogenic, not tested on animals and talc free.  Pretty impressive, no?  Oh, and best of all - it's Irish! :)  Here's what it looks like:

I bought mine in Sam McCauley's (a big pharmacy/drugstore in Ireland if you're not familiar with it) but I imagine it's probably available in other pharmacies too and also online.  This was the first wash-off tan I'd ever used and at first I worried it would be too high-maintenance but after two weeks of using it almost everyday I am sold!  Rockstar's Fame is basically like make up for your body and is relatively fool-proof with no streaks, patchiness or weird lines (if applied properly) so it is perfect if you're a newbie to self tanners!  

When first applied it looks quite scary and dark but once you rub it in it actually gives quite a natural glow.  There is a touch of shimmer to this but it's not very noticeable...maybe only in certain lights.  What I tend to do is apply this at night after exfoliating, showering and applying moisturiser.  The fake tan itself is very moisturising anyway so sometimes I skip that step if I'm in a hurry!  It does transfer to your clothes a little bit, but that's to be expected and if you apply at night by morning any excess will have rubbed off.  I LOVE the fragrance, it is not like the other biscuity scent that most self-tanners have!  I actually look forward to applying this every evening just so I can smell it, ha ha!

Here's how it looks when rubbed in.  I would use a tanning mitt to apply as it will stain your hands although you can wash it off with soap & water.  I normally apply it to my whole body with the mitt, then wait 5-10 minutes before applying a second layer to my arms using my hands, wash them, then do the backs of my hands and I'm done!

When you wake up the next morning you should have a natural, even & glowy tan :)  I hope you guys found this review helpful - let m know if you try it out!  What is your must-have self tanner this summer?

Stay Stylish!

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