Summer Holiday Prep!

I did a bit of shopping for our upcoming summer holiday today...and picked up a few things in the Debenhams Blue Cross sale!  

First off, I needed a bikini and really wanted a bright & cheerful one in contrast to my black one from last summer.  Initially I wanted to match with Emilia's pink gingham bathing suit but the Floozie bikini I had in mind didn't go up to my cup size ;(  Humph!  So I found this Ultimate Beach polka dot one instead and after a lot of rooting around the sale racks, eventually tracked down my very mismatched sizes!  I'm actually very impressed with the support that the top part holds up very well!  Prior to getting pregnant my favourite style was the string bikini and while I still love the look of them I now need some extra support in the top half, but at the same time I don't want to look too "mumsie" either!  I think this bikini ticks all the boxes!

I also got a hi-low dress from Oasis which doesn't look as nice on as I thought it would...gahh!  Maybe when my boobies shrink back to normal...ha ha ha!  And lastly I got some summer pj's from Frost French's Iris & Edie range.  These were not in the sale but I needed some cute light pj's for Sorrento. 

Yesterday Emilia got a new lightweight "big girl" stroller that will be much more convenient to travel with!  We looked at lots of different options and ended up going with the navy blue Silver Cross Micro.  As you can see, she loves it!  Seriously though, she giggled the whole time she sat in it while we browsed in the baby shop.  The two things that sold me on this were the extra part of the hood which extends in front to shield her from the sun and the locking function on the front wheels for an easier, smoother ride on rough surfaces and cobblestones (hello, Sorrento side-streets!!).  

That's all for now, but I'm sure there will be more pre-holiday prep to blog about in the next few days!  

Stay Stylish!

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  1. We just ordered stroller for our precious little dolly and she loves that! I loved Ann_Royston work and I am calling them next time as well! Recommended to all!


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